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Ex-Gym Equipment for Sale

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Any sports professional knows that strength training is for life. Fitness levels are not measured in the size of your muscles but in their power and vitality. Whether throwing weights has been a part of your daily routine from your teenage years or you’re a newbie starting out in your sixties, Complete Gyms has a range of ex-gym equipment for sale, ideal for both professional studios and personal use.

Life Fitness Gym Strength Machines

Whether searching for the best gym machines for core strength or a range of bench press machines, Complete Gyms offers a number of different options. We stock many of the best brands on the UK market, including Technogym, Life Fitness, Pulse Fitness, Cybex and Precor.

As well as making you stronger, strength training has many other health benefits. Improving muscle tone and strength also helps build bone density to protect you from diseases such as osteoporosis in later years.

Working on your core is not just about aiming for that six-pack. A strong core at any age will help improve balance and flexibility and help to keep you moving and full of energy. At Complete Gyms, we can provide a choice of the best gym machines for core strength building, depending on age and health condition.

Shoulder Chest Press Machines

We have gym machines for arms, helping to build biceps, triceps, and shoulders. If you are looking for a Life Fitness Bicep Curl machine, Life Fitness Arm Extension, or a Life Fitness Shoulder Press, we stock all this and much much more.

Our leg machines range may be used, but we only stock equipment that is in tip-top condition. Browse our product range on this page to find a complete range of used Pulse leg press, leg curl, and leg extension machines.

Used Dumbbells

Whether you are a gym owner looking to equip your studio with a range of quality used dumbbells or an individual wanting a good set for home use, we stock a significant number of different used dumbbell brands, including Pulse and Technogym.

Strongman Equipment including Atlas Stones for Sale

For the strongman or strong woman, Complete Gyms stocks a range of new and used strength training products including Atlas Stones for sale. Available as a single stone or in a complete weight range from 20kg up to 225kg, our Atlas Stones will challenge the strongest and most determined of athletes.

Be sure to browse our collection of used strength machines to find the right solution for you.