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From Weight Trees to Slam Bars – Weight Training Equipment

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As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of new and used gym equipment, Complete Gyms can offer an extensive range of brands such as all the leading major brands such as Technogym, Cybex, Life fitness, Precor, Concept 2, Swiss and many more for commercial gyms and Nordictrack, Porform, Horizon, Inspire Fitness, York Fitness for the home user that covers any weight training solutions.

Specifying the right combination of weights can make the difference between a good gym and a brilliant gym. You need to take into account the number of users your gym needs to accommodate during its busier sessions and the different fitness goals of your members, taking into account progress. It is for this reason that Complete Gyms will work closely with gym owners to ensure the range of weights and bar meets their specific needs.

Olympic Bar and Weight Set

The staple of any gym is a comprehensive Olympic bar and weight set, which consists of an Olympic training bar with a wide range of different-sized bumper plates.

Complete Gyms stocks a range of bumper plates from many different brands such as Primal strength, Vega and Swiss to name a few. The Hi Temp plates are manufactured from 100 per cent compressed rubber granulate, they are both shock absorbent and resistant to damage. The Vega range is supplied in 100kg sets, incorporating pairs of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg. The Swiss range of bumper plates, on the other hand, can be supplied in individual weight pairs as well as 100kg and 150kg sets.

Depending on the quantity required, Complete Gyms can also ensure that you have sufficient storage through its range of weight trees for bumper plates.

Hex Bar

A hex bar is also known as a trap bar and consists of a hexagonal-shaped bar and weight set, which is great for beginners, as well as creating explosive power for more experienced weightlifters or any type of strength training.

Slam Balls

Slam balls are made from heavy rubber-coated material that is used while performing dynamic exercises to provide added resistance. Gymgoers can improve their strength and increase their heart rate by throwing a slam ball safe in the knowledge that its weight will prevent it from rebounding and causing injury. Complete Gyms offers both Swiss and Primal strength slam ball options.


This low-cost versatile piece of gym equipment can help individuals add variety and intensity to their routine. The Powerbag is a weighted sandbag which helps to build core strength. Available in a range of weights, from 5kg to 25kg, there are heavier power bags available on request up to 100kg which are ideal for intensive strength training, while lighter bags are better for toning and conditioning.

Shop the Complete Gyms collection to elevate your weightlifting section to the next level.