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Elliptical cross trainers are an ideal piece of cardio equipment for those who want a full workout. An elliptical cross machine is a great full-body workout if you give it your all. Discover our range of Proform and Nordic Track cardio machines to find the perfect elliptical exerciser for you.

Premium Elliptical Machines

Here at Complete Gyms, we provide a premium selection of ellipticals boasting sleek designs, advanced features, and unparalleled performance. From this, a smooth and immersive workout experience is created for the user. Adjustable stride lengths, interactive touchscreen displays, and various other features are available to elevate the user’s fitness journey.

Compact Elliptical Trainers

Something that deters people from investing in cross trainers is limited space. That’s where our compact exercise equipment comes in to provide users with a means of exercising without taking up too much room. While compact cross trainers are smaller than their standard counterparts, they still deliver on performance, meaning functionality and versatility aren’t compromised. Foldable designs and quiet operation make these cross trainers a popular choice in home gyms.

Commercial-Grade Elliptical Gym Machines

It’s not just about cross trainers that are great for the home; we also provide ellipticals that can be perfectly slotted into any gym environment. Commercial-grade cross trainers are designed to withstand the rigours of frequent use, which is achieved via heavy-duty construction, customisable workout programmes, and gym-quality components.

Budget-Friendly Elliptical Machines for Homes

Gym equipment can be really expensive; however, we don’t feel that the ability to work out should be considered a luxury. As a result, we also provide affordable options for those who don’t have thousands to spend on a cross trainer. While these machines boast an affordable price tag, this isn’t to say that the quality or functionality is compromised. With manual resistance adjustments and basic workout tracking capabilities, everything can be provided by even the most affordable cross trainers.

Specialised Cross Trainers 

If you want to target specific muscle groups, then you’ll need a specialised cross trainer to do so. From toning your upper body to improving your cardiovascular endurance, different cross trainers will help you achieve different things, so it’s important to keep your personal goals in mind. Adjustable resistance levels and ergonomic designs all work to provide a personalised workout experience that allows users to achieve their fitness goals.

Shop Cross Trainers at Complete Gyms

If you’re on the hunt for a cross trainer, Complete Gyms is here to help. Shop the collection here.