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Pulse Fitness Lat Pulldown

Pulse Fitness Lat Pulldown

Length: 1115mm / 43.9in

Width: 1580mm / 62.2in

Height: 1310mm / 51.6in

Original price was: £1,095.00.Current price is: £795.00.

At Completegyms, We are proud to offer you this Lat Pulldown from Pulse Fitness.

Pulse Evolve G Range Lat Pulldown machine in fantastic condition.

100kg stack in 5kg increments

Upholstery can be changed for £150 extra


Why not set this on Rubber Tiles ??


The lat pull down is a popular exercise that targets the muscles of the back and upper body. It involves pulling a weighted cable down towards the chest while seated on a machine. Although many people use this exercise as a way to improve the appearance of their back, it also offers significant benefits for upper body strength.


What muscles are targeted in a lat pulldown?

The lat pull down, and lat pull down machines primarily targets the ‘latissimus dorsi’ muscles, commonly referred to as ‘the lats’, which are the large muscles that extend from the middle of the back to the sides. However, this exercise also works the muscles of the shoulders, arms, and core. The trapezius muscles, which run along the upper back and shoulders, are also activated during lat pull downs. Additionally, the biceps and forearms are engaged as the lifter pulls the bar down towards their chest.


Improving upper body strength with a lat pulldown

There are several ways in which lat pull downs can improve upper body strength. First, this exercise strengthens the muscles of the back, which are essential for good posture and overall upper body stability. Strong back muscles also help to prevent injury and improve overall athletic performance.

Lat pull downs also work the muscles of the shoulders, including the rotator cuff muscles. Strengthening these muscles can help to improve shoulder stability and reduce the risk of injury during other upper body exercises.

Finally, the biceps and forearms are also strengthened during lat pull downs. This can improve grip strength, which is important for a variety of activities, including weightlifting and everyday tasks such as carrying groceries.


Proper form for a lat pulldown

To get the most benefit from lat pulldown, it is important to perform the exercise with proper form. Start by sitting on the machine with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Grasp the bar with an overhand grip, keeping your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Next, engage your shoulder blades by pulling them down and back. This will help to activate the muscles of the upper back and shoulders. Keep your core tight and your chest lifted throughout the exercise.

As you pull the bar down towards your chest, focus on using your back muscles rather than your arms. Your elbows should be pointing down towards the floor, and your shoulder blades should be squeezing together.

Pause briefly at the bottom of the movement, then slowly release the bar back up to the starting position. Be sure to maintain control throughout the movement and avoid using momentum to pull the bar down.


Variations of a lat pulldown

There are several variations of lat pulldown that can be used to target different areas of the back and upper body. One common variation is the wide-grip lat pulldown, which involves using a wider grip on the bar. This variation places more emphasis on the outer portions of the lats, as well as the muscles of the upper back and shoulders.

Another variation is the close-grip lat pulldown, which involves using a grip that is closer together on the bar. This variation targets the inner portions of the lats, as well as the biceps and forearms.

Alternating between these variations can help to prevent plateaus in strength and muscle development.



Lat pulldown are a highly effective exercise for improving upper body strength. They work the muscles of the back, shoulders, arms, and core, and can help to improve posture, stability, and grip strength. To get the most benefit from lat pull downs, it is important to perform the exercise with proper form and to include variations in your training routine. Incorporating lat pull downs into your upper body workout can help to increase your overall strength and improve your athletic performance, making it a valuable addition to any fitness routine.

It is important to note that while lat pulldown are a beneficial exercise, they should not be the only exercise included in an upper body workout. It is important to include a variety of exercises that target different areas of the back, shoulders, and arms to ensure balanced muscle development.

In addition to lat pulldown, other exercises that can help improve upper body strength include pull-ups, rows, and chest presses. Incorporating these exercises into your workout routine can help to ensure that you are targeting all of the muscles in your upper body, leading to a stronger and more balanced physique.

Overall, the benefits of lat pulldown for upper body strength make it an excellent exercise to include in your fitness routine. By using proper form and incorporating variations, you can strengthen your back, shoulders, arms, and core, leading to improved posture, stability, and grip strength.

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