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Enhance your gym space with top-quality flooring and storage solutions from Complete Gyms. From rubber tiles and indoor astroturf to wall-mounted weight plate storage, we have products that will ensure the smooth functioning of any gym. We understand that the foundation of a successful fitness environment lies in the details, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive range of flooring and storage options tailored to your needs.

Everything You Need for Your Gym Floor

Our carefully selected gym floor product ranges ensure safety, durability, and performance for every workout. Whether you’re outfitting a home gym or a commercial fitness space in NI, our flooring solutions provide a sturdy base that supports your equipment and minimises impact, allowing you to train confidently and comfortably.

Gym astroturf is available in grass green, red, blue, black, yellow and grey and in 1metre or two-metre widths with various lengths. As well as the aesthetic appeal of indoor astroturf, it is durable, versatile, and shock-absorbing. The gym grass also comes lined for prowler and sled work.

Complete Gyms is a key supplier of the Swiss Gym Turf Pro 2m x 12m as well as many other lengths and widths which provides a focused and high-performance training area for CrossFit, agility drills, speed work and plyometrics.

Rubber gym tiles are supplied in one-metre squares and in multiple thicknesses, from 10mm to 30mm. These can be rearranged to different areas of your gym according to changing use of the space without compromising their adherence to the floor for a safe and effective workout. They also come in speckled colours.

Stands for Weights

Complete Gyms is a supplier of Swiss and Primal Strength storage systems, offering wall-mounted and floor-standing storage options for all sizes of dumbbells, weight plates, barbells and kettlebells. All our products are selected based on quality, durability, and flexibility, and we can offer a full consultation service for those seeking to optimise space while maximising equipment options.

Efficient storage is essential for maintaining an organised gym environment. Our storage solutions are designed to optimise space while keeping your gym equipment easily accessible and tidy. From small home gyms to expansive commercial setups, our storage options cater to all scales and types of fitness spaces.

Our dumbbell racks ranges cover a spectrum of different sizes and styles according to your gym environment and your preferred combinations of dumbbells and weights. A horizontal, wall-mounted weight rack, for example, is the perfect space-saving solution for barbells in a busy gym where the quantity of equipment needed requires intelligent storage solutions.

Be sure to shop the Complete Gyms collection to optimise the flooring and storage of your fitness centre.