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Swiss full set of Power Bag 5kg – 20kg

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Swiss Full set of Power bags 5kg-20kg

At Complete Gyms, we are proud to offer you this 5kg Powerbag from Swiss

What are Power bags good for?

For dynamic or static exercises,
using multiple muscle groups or isolating muscles
the Power Bag can add variety and intensity to your training program.
Most exercises using the Power Bag help develop the torso, providing a stable base for mobility and sport.
Hip extension as a means of lifting and assisting the development of more progressive and advanced exercises.
Without the correct movement engrained injury is likely to occur when performing deadlifts, squats and even overhead press work.

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Power bags are seriously versatile

With a power bag you can perform literally hundreds of different exercises. Sharing this similarity with the kettlebell, it’s like an all-in-one gym.

Do you remember that scene from Mary Poppins where she opens her bag and proceeds to pull out half the contents of her house? (The only item I can remember Ms. Poppins fishing from her bottomless bag is a long lamp.) Well, the power bag shares similar properties only that it’s as though Mary filled it with the contents of a gym. You with me?

It is the versatility of power bags that has made them so popular. Rare that you’d find a gym that doesn’t have one kicking about the place. Also, they are becoming ever increasingly popular in the home. More and more people are recognising the multi-dimensional application that power bags possess.


How to use power bags in your fitness regime

How could a power bag best be incorporated into your training regime? The answer to that, of course, can really only be answered from a preferential perspective. Personally, though, I think they make an excellent addition to a circuit.

I tend to use them in a power/explosive capacity where, after performing a snatch, the power bag would be propelled overhead as high and as far as physically possible. The trainer then is rewarded with the added benefit of having to run to the power bag to perform the next repetition.

This accounts for why, in my circuits at least, the power bag station is usually feared above all others.

But what if I’m not into hurling bags about the place, how can I use them? Don’t worry, with a power bag you can perform many of the more controlled – ‘static’ – exercises that are typically done with barbells and dumbbells. And the bag doesn’t stop there. Power bags are great for floor work and core stability training.

In short: if you’ve got the space and inclination (a sadomasochistic bent also comes in handy) the sky really is the limit with what you can do with this highly functional piece of exercise equipment.

6 Power Bag Exercises

Below I you’ll discover an exercise chart of power bag exercises. Each illustration comes accompanied with a short overview of the essential techniques of the exercise.


1: Bag Throws

An image of a man performing the powerbag exercise between the leg swing.

Bag swings are similar to kettlebell swings; they provide a great whole-body workout without requiring technical skill base.


How to

  • Keep the back straight

  • Knees bent throughout

  • Look forward

  • Keep the core actively engaged


2: Squats

A man performing sandbag exercises. He is performing the sand bag squat.

Squats with a power bag can be performed in numerous ways – as depicted or in the ‘front rack’ position; this exercise can be taken to another level by adding a plyometric jump.


How to

  • Back straight

  • Feet slightly over shoulder-width

  • Look forward

  • Don’t lock the legs at the top position


3: Lifts

A man is demonstrating the powerbag deadlift.

The lift (aka dead lift) is a terrific foundation strength builder and it offers multiple extensions (lift into clean, clean to squat, full snatch).


How to

  • Straddle the bag

  • Back straight

  • Looking forward

  • Engage core and back BEFORE lifting

  • Fire through the quads and glutes


4: Push-up & Drag

An image demonstrating the powerbag adaptation of a press-up.

The push-up and drag demonstrate how the power bag can be used to add that extra dimension to established exercises.


How to

  • It’s best to start in the press-up position with the bag central and in line with your hands

  • To initiate pull the bag to the side

  • Re-position hands and perform a press-up

  • Grasp the bag and pull it across the body


5: Shoulder Clean

A man performing the power bag exercise shoulder clean

Here you’re hopping into a lunge as you bring the power bag to the side of the body. A very functional movement.


How to

  • Start with the bag positioned on your shoulder

  • Under control drop into a lunge

  • Simultaneously bring the bag across the body and down beside the extended leg

  • To conclude the exercise retrace your steps


6: Lunges

A fitness training doing a power bag forward lunge.

And finally, plain old lunges. But of course, with a power bag, you have the option of including a pressing movement or, if you’re of that disposition, dropping into a burpee and finishing with a throw!


How to

  • Firstly, under control, hoist the bag up and over the head

  • Find a stable position prior to performing the exercise

  • Lunge forward ensuring to adopt correct training principles: back straight, looking forward


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