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Weighted Vest

Weighted Vests comes in differnet weights

  • 10kg
  • 20kg



At Completegyms, we are proud to offer you this Weighted Vest by Swiss.

Why not make your pull ups harder with this vest? pull up bar

Check out this video – Video

Benefits of Weighted Vests

Weighted vest workout benefits are numerous. They are


Improves Strength

A weighted vest improves strength. Adding more weight (in the form of a weighted vest) will exert force on your muscles to deplete the extra load. A consistent workout routine with a weighted vest will improve strength in the long run.

Several studies have shown that incorporating weighted vests with pushups and bench press exercises improves overall strength. In addition, strength gain is observed in younger and older adults.


Enhances Endurance

Wearing a weighted vest will exert pressure on your muscles and force them to work harder to repel the load. In the process, your muscles will be trained to withhold external force. In the long run, your body will become accustomed to the heavy load, enhancing endurance.

In addition, by training your body with extra load, you are improving the ability of your body to tolerate physical activity for an extended period.

A study shows that wearing a weighted vest improves agility-related performance in young men.


Improves Cardiovascular Health

By adding an extra load in the form of a weighted vest, you’re forcing your muscles to work harder. This improves the flow of oxygen-rich blood.

The stress and strain on your body also improve the work rate of your lungs and heart, leading to improved cardiovascular health.

A study reveals that a weighted vest enhances blood lactate thresholds for racers. This translates to improved cardiovascular health.


Enhances Bone Health

Wearing a weighted vest puts an extra load on the body, supporting the stimulation of cells known as osteoblasts that produce healthy bone minerals.

In the long run, the strength and density of your bones increase to support the extra load.

Denser and stronger bones help reduce the risk of injuries after a fall and the chances of developing bone diseases.

A study shows that long-term bone density stability was observed in women wearing a weighted vest while performing a supervised exercise program.

Burns More Calories

When you’re working out with a weighted vest, you are forcing your muscles to work harder. Your muscles will require more energy than usual because of the added load.

This encourages your body to burn more calories.

A study shows that increased weight loading reduces body weight and body fat.


Improves Balance

By adding a weighted vest to your workout routine, you’re helping your body improve its posture. During a workout with a weighted vest on your upper body, your muscles will be engaged and forced to maintain balance. When you lean in any direction wearing a weighted vest, your body will utilize its proprioceptors to counterbalance the additional weight.

Proprioceptors are sensory sensors that receive stimuli within the body concerning movement and position. They’re responsible for maintaining balance, preventing you from falling in one direction.

Wearing a weighted vest, in the long run, will improve the balance of your body.

A study suggests that working on a treadmill with a weighted vest improves balance.


Drawbacks of Weighted Vests

Here are some disadvantages of weighted vests:

Increased Risk of Injury

Using a weighted vest can increase the risk of injury. The additional load can put excess strain and stress on your joints, developing into injuries if care is not taken.

That’s why it’s advisable to use a weighted vest with the recommended amount of weight. Overtraining yourself with a weighted vest can also lead to injuries.

Increased Sweating

Adding a weighted vest to your workout session can increase your sweat levels. With the added weight, your body will need to work harder to counterbalance the weight. This will lead to increased sweating. Many people find excess sweating uncomfortable.

That’s why it’s good to buy a weighted vest that can be easily washed to keep it smelling nice after workouts.

Poor Posture

If your body gets accustomed to a weighted vest for an extended period, it may affect your body’s stability and center of gravity. In addition, choosing a weighted vest with more load than necessary can stress and strain your back. This will affect your posture.

That’s why it’s advisable to use a weighted vest responsibly, no matter your goal or how you plan on pushing yourself past your limit. In addition, ensure you choose one with the recommended load.

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