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 Force USA introduces the new Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer Commercial Smith Machine Functional Trainer Power Rack Multi-Gym.  Fitness experts around the world have used up to 300 different exercises on this commercial Multi-Gym. Designed...

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 Force USA introduces the new Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer Commercial Smith Machine Functional Trainer Power Rack Multi-Gym.  Fitness experts around the world have used up to 300 different exercises on this commercial Multi-Gym.

Designed and engineered in the USA to be robust,  solid  and versatile enough to create a variety of workouts for the most demanding of trainers. The Monster G12 is the  top of the G series range full commercial version of the legendary Monster G6 used in personal training Studios and home gyms around the world. 

The Monster G12 offers the equivalent of 7 strength training machines in a single power rack footprint including:  

Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, Squat Rack, Leg Press, Dip Bars, Multi Grip Chin and Pull Up Bar, Core Trainer, Weight Storage, Lifetime Frame Warranty


  • Professional Workout space is limited 
  • You need Full commercial quality such as the G9 and want weight stacks 
  • You want the multi gym with the most accessories.
  • You like the Monster G6 and want Heavy Duty

Whats the differences between the G6 and G12 All-In-One Trainers? Click Here

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*Similar Units means a multi functional gym machine using the similar smith machine functional trainer combo format in the same price bracket (+ or - 5%). 

** When in stock. Force USA is housed and warehoused in the UK and when in stock dispatches to UK customers within 5 days and European customers within 7 days.

Smith Machine

360 kgs Weight Capacity Counter Balanced Commercial Smith Machine & commercial grade guide rails give you a frictionless experience. Fitted with safe lock & release mechanics and safety catch allowing you to max out your training without the need for a spotter. 

Counterbalance means a lower starting weight and the ability to work smaller muscle groups with lighter weights. 

The leg press attachment added to the Smith machine bar provides you different set of leg exercises such as leg press and calf press.

Please note that the  Smith machine works only with Olympic weights and at the Olympic size sleeves cannot be removed to make way for standard plates.

Power Rack

The steel Power Rack component includes J-Hooks and Front Safeties  with 450 kgs weight rating, which can be adjusted to any height position you need.  

High-end quality J-Hooks and Front Safeties include polymer coating whilst keeping your barbell knurling protected.

The Force USA G9 Monster  also features Westside spacing with 50 different numbered adjustment points to perfectly position any size user for bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, squats, front squats and more.

Add to this the front safety arms which are ideal for holding your barbell for heavy partial deadlifts, shrugs or upright rows.

Functional Trainer

The Functional Trainer component allows you to perform over 75 different exercises. Featuresadjustable height positions to perform shoulder, arms, chest, back, core and leg exercises.

The FORCE USA Monster G9 has 22 height positions to perform cable exercises from all angles for Shoulders, Arms, Chest, Back Core and Leg Exercises. 

With Fluid Cable movement and Included cable attachments this light commercial Multifunctional Trainer Smith Machine Power Rack / is packed with features and offering a large variety of exercises

MultiGrip Chins 

The FORCE USA G12 All-In-One Trainer Functional Trainer Power Rack system has two Chin Bar options. The higher ladder format monkey bar and the ergonomic multi-grip chin up / Pull Up station with 350 kgs use weight, which you see on almost all of the FORCE USA power racks Including theForce USA MyRackForce USA Monster G3, G6, G9 and G12. This ergonomic design allows you to perform pull ups, chin ups, wide grip pull ups, neutral grip pull ups and angled pull ups.  
The monkey grip chin bar increases the total height of the G12 from 223cm to 230cm

Leg Press

The monster G9 leg press attachment is included. Exercise your quads inner thighs and glutes from different angles The large footplate design means that you can use the leg press with a wide or narrow stance.

Checker plate construction enhances safety and  ensures a slip free surface

Handles attached to the leg press frame It's easier to move around attach and remove.

Commercial construction and powder coating.

Dip Station


Dips are a highly effective pushing exercise which target the chest, front deltoids and triceps.

Multi grip dip station handles allow you to use different width to Move the emphasis between chest and triceps. 

 by using the multiple adjustment positions on the frame you can adjust the height and use power bands or additional weights to increase the intensity.

Core Trainer

The Monster G12 provides massive versatility in a compact space . A full commercial quality power rack, functional trainer Smith Machine with twin 99.5 kgs weight stacks and multiple attachments. . This commercial multi gym id ideal adding a single station footprint with 7 different strength training stations. The weight stack design means no additional weights need to be purchased and offer fast weight changes which enable partner and circuit training. Ideal for full commercial gyms, sports clubs, personal trainers, hotel gyms, school gyms and upmarket home gyms! The space-saving Monster G12 is ideal for the stronger lifers as it includes a weight stack with a 1:1 cable ratio.

An extensive number of handles and accessories help you constantly reengineer your workouts and your clients workouts. 


  • Strength
  • Power
  • Bodybuilding
  • Muscular endurance
  • Glycolytic efficiency
  • Concentric or eccentric (Negative) training
  • Compound or isolation
  • Plyometric
  • Slow twitch or fast twitch fibres training


Assembled Dimensions W/D/H 200 cm (6 feet, 7 inches) 134 cm (4 feet 5 inches) 223 cm (7 feet 7 inches). 


  • 1:1- with 100lbs loaded, resistance is 100lbs


  • Smith 360 kgs
  • Front Safety 450 kgs
  • J-Hooks 450 kgs
  • Cables = 909kgs (2,000 lbs)


  • 35 Exercise Chart,
  • Multi Grip Chin Bar
  • Leg Press
  • Core Trainer/ Landmine
  • Knee Support for Lat Pulldown
  • Multi Grip Dip Handles
  • Suspension Belt Stirrup
  • 2 D- Handles and Section Chains
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Double ended Functional Training Handle 
  • Short Straight Row Bar
  • Tricep Rope
  • T-Bar for Core Trainer
  • 6 Weight Plate Holders (Standard and Olympic)
  • Olympic Lock Collars
  • 6 Storage Hooks for Accessories
  • J-Hooks with Polymer Barbell Protection
  • Front Safety Spotter Arms


Please note that the finishes and designs of the accessories are updated from time to time. This means that the accessory that you see in various videos may not be identical to the accessory that you receive. Changes are normally a result of improvements or upgrades based on customer feedback. 

Please note that these units do not come with weight plates or Olympic bars as these are optional extras. Force USA G series Functional Trainer machines can take either standard weight plates with a 25mm diameter hold or Olympic weight plates with a 50mm hole. 

The standard Olympic bar that we suggest is the 7 foot Olympic bar. Rubber coated weight plates and bumper plates are preferred however you can also use hammertone or metal finish Olympic weight plates. 

Please add the weight plates or bars as optional add ons or simply take a look at our Functional Trainer packages. 


Condition New
Brand Force USA, Monster G Series All-In-One Trainer
Size Assembled (LxWxH) W/D/H 202 cm by 150 cm by 223 cm or 230cm with monkey chin bar. Add 65 cm depth to use with bench. Internal working area: 123cm.
Size Boxed (LxWxH) 2 Large Wooden Crates. Crate 1: 227cm by 93cm by 40 cm by 258kgs. Crate 2: 70cm by 56cm by 24cm by 180kgs. Kerbside or Unpacked in van and brought into room of choice via a "2 man service"..
Minimum Ceiling Height 230cm (7 feet, 5.5 inches) to Chin under the bar. To chin above the bar 260cm (8 feet, 5.3 inches). The monkey ladder chin bar is 7cm higher than the pulleys.
Minimum Room Width 223 cm absolute minimum, to allow loading of the Smith bar, 193 cm plus 15 cm each side
Minimum Room Length 150 cm for the G12 plus cater for another 50 cm for standing back from the power rack or for moving an adjustable bench within the frame.
Product Weight 438kgs
Bolt Holes Yes
Weight Stacks Dual 90.5 KG /221lb Weight stack total (181kg/ 400lb), Band Attachments to Increase Resistance. 19 by 4.5 kgs plates + 1 5kg plate
Frame Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing
Protective Coating Eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder coat followed by a durable clear coating with anti-rust protection
Warranty 30 Days peace of mind, Lifetime Frame, Unbeaten 6 Year Pulley and Cables, 1 Year Other Moving Parts, 90 Days Upholstery, Labour 12 months.
Resistance Free Weight (Smith and Power Rack) and Weight Stack (DAP/ Functional Trainer)
Expansion Ready No need, Everything Included
Power Rack Yes, Westside hole spaces, 40 + 10, Polymer Coated J-Hook & Safety Capacity 450kgs
Smith Machine Counterbalanced commercial Smith Machine & commercial grade guide rails with a capacity of 350 kgs. Commercial Knurling. Olympic and Standard Sleeves
Functional Trainer Yes, Pulley ratio 1:1, 46 positions, pop pin adjustment
Chin Bar Ergonomically designed multi-Grip chin up / Pull Up station with a massive 350kg weight rating. Rubberised Handles, Chrome ends
Chest Press Yes, with Functional Trainer, Smith Machine / Power Rack and Optional Bench
Rowing Yes, Base Pulley with Functional Trainer
Leg Curls Optional with Force USA MyRack FID Bench
Leg Extensions Optional with Force USA MyRack FID Bench
Lat Pulldown Yes, with Functional Trainer and Includes Lat Pulldown Bar and Knee Holder
Core Trainer Yes, Included as well as Multi Grip T Bar Handle
Leg Press Yes, Now Included, Quick and easy Pop on, Pop off design, Chequer plate
Band Pegs No
Dip Attachment Yes, Now Includes a Multi Grip Dip Bar
Stability Bar No
J-Hooks Commercial grade J-Hooks, Capacity of 450 kgs
Safety Arms Yes, Commercial Grade, Capacity of 450 kgs
Olympic Weight Plate Set Optional, See Smith Machine Packages
Installation Optional, please see website pricing
Additional Accessories Included Lat Pulldown Bar, Nylon Single Handles, Tricep Rope, Short Bar, Shiver Bar (Tricep Push), Long Functional Double Ended Bar, Extension Chain, Core Trainer, Leg Press Plate, Multi Grip Chin Bar, Lat Pulldown Knee Lock, Dip Bar, J-Hooks, Front Safeties, Barbell Row Handle



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