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Technogym 700i Excite Cross Over


At Completegyms, We are proud to offer you this 700i excite cross over from Technogym in great condition.


Technogym Excite+ Crossover 

The full commercial Excite+ Crossover brings effective training unlike anything experienced on any other cardio machine. 

Thanks to its unique motion experience which combines 3 in 1 lower body lateral movement with upper body convergent training, it engages the arms, torso, legs and core for incredibly efficient total body training.

It’s the perfect fitness tool for a variety of all training targets from weight loss and improved fitness to developing strength in the glutes and legs.

Featuring both moving handlebars and a fixed central bar, it’s easy to switch between total body workouts and lower body training while 25 resistance levels ensure enough intensity to suit every fitness level.

Handy Fast Track buttons in the moving handlebars make changing the settings hassle-free while built in hand sensors accurately measure heart rate.

Want to lose weight? With Crossover you need just a few minutes to work your entire body: moving your arms and legs together in three dimensions allows you to burn up to 160 calories in 20 minutes.

Want to tone your legs and gluteus better? During movement, the knee bends more than in other types of training which allows you to tone the muscles in the upper part of your leg: quadriceps, gluteus, and the biceps femoris muscle.

Want to improve your coordination? Crossover has two platforms and two interconnected levers that move simultaneously. Pulling the levers will train your coordination because your arms will guide your legs, thereby prompting your limbs to synchronize with each other.

Want to train your balance? The posture you assume with Crossover and the movement of the platforms involve the body’s major stabilizing muscles (abdominal and back belt) and helps you improve your proprioception and balance.

Want to train for a sport? The Crossover movement is similar to skating and skiing; therefore, it allows you to prepare for all sports that require lateral movement in your legs.

What is Crossover like? Compared with traditional cross trainers which have only one type of movement, the biomechanics of Crossover simultaneously involve the legs in extending, abducting, flexing, and rotating actions. 

Compared with treadmills or running outdoors, Crossover does not require a high degree of coordination, because the movement is guided. 

In addition, because there’s no contact with the ground, there is less impact on the knees and the joints in the foot. Safe for knees and ankles. 

When you begin to exercise, the inside edge of the platforms is higher than the outer edge, which prevents you from assuming an incorrect posture that could cause improper rotations, ankle sprains, or problems like valgus knee. 

The motion of the equipment itself helps you keep your lower limbs in a proper line. Safe and suitable for everyone.

length – Convergent Upper Body
Total number of programs: 11 – quick start, goals (time, distance; calories), CHR, profiles (6)
Difficulty Levels: 1-25
Power supply: 100- 240 Vac 50/60 Hz

Length (mm | in): 1625 | 64
Width (mm | in): 752 | 30
Height (mm | in): 1692 | 67
Weight (kg | lbs): 155 | 340
Max user weight (kg | lbs): 180 | 400 


Why not set this Cross over on a Rubber Tile ?

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