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Swiss Soft Plyo Jump Box

Swiss Soft Plyo Box

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At Complete Gyms, we are proud to offer you this Soft Plyo Jump Box from Swiss

24″ , 30″ , 20″
Box weighs 8kg

Warm up with Resistance Bands

Check out this video –¬†Video

Front Box Step-Up

Stepping to an elevated surface is an easy way to challenge your body by increasing the balance and stability demand. The unilateral (single-leg) aspect can refine muscular asymmetries and iron out inconsistencies in your overall movement patterns, while also strengthening your glutes and quads.

Benefits of the Front Box Step-Up

  • Convenient and quick to set up for easy use as a¬†warm-up¬†or¬†finisher.
  • Single-leg training¬†is fantastic for¬†muscle growth¬†and joint prehab.
  • Provides a compound (multi-joint) alternative to¬†barbell squatting¬†if you‚Äôre¬†working around an injury.

How to Do the Front Box Step-Up

Stand facing a plyo box with your toes a few inches away. Lift the working leg, place it fully on top of the box, and press your body upward until your knee and hip joints are fully locked out. Slowly lower yourself by reversing the motion under control until the toes of your free leg graze the floor, then repeat.

Coach‚Äôs Tip:¬†Make sure you‚Äôre stepping fully onto the box or you can injure yourself ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs easy to scrape your shins if you aren‚Äôt careful.

Lateral Box Step-Up

The Lateral Step-Up is similar in form to its forward-facing brother but comes with its own distinct benefits, particularly for knee stability and hip health. The lateral step-up is especially potent for training the hip adductor and abductor musculature which allows your leg to move away from and towards your midline.

Benefits of the Lateral Box Step-Up

  • Targets a plane of motion that many standard leg movements don‚Äôt adequately stimulate.
  • A high degree of¬†application to sports performance, especially for sports that involve quick changes in direction such as basketball or rugby.
  • More demanding on balance and awareness than a standard side-step exercise.

How to Do the Lateral Box Step-Up

Stand perpendicular to a plyo box ‚ÄĒ aim for a lower-height one if you don‚Äôt have¬†exceptional hip mobility. Similar to the front step-up, place the foot of the working leg fully onto the box and drive yourself upwards to a fully extended posture. Lower yourself slowly to the ground without dropping your full weight onto your free leg and then repeat.

Coach’s Tip: Stand up fully at the top and take care to not let your torso list to one side. Performing the fullest range of motion possible will ensure you reap the full benefit from the exercise.

Plyo Box Jump

If there’s a sure-fire way to increase your lower body power, the box jump is the tool for the job. It requires you to exert a high amount of force into the ground to perform correctly. Your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes will all have to work together to make sure you’re jumping high enough. There’s no external load required, either, so while the joints still experience some impact, they won’t be under the stress of a loaded barbell.

Benefits of the Plyo Box Jump

  • It‚Äôs a fantastic¬†beginner‚Äôs exercise¬†for power development.
  • The box jump requires no equipment to perform, making it convenient to integrate into any routine.
  • It‚Äôs easily customizable in terms of¬†sets and reps¬†depending on the stimulus you‚Äôre after.

How to Do the Plyo Box Jump

Stand facing the box with your feet under your shoulders and arms raised overhead. Descend into a partial or quarter squat position while sweeping your arms back behind your torso. From this position, extend forcefully and jump onto the box, landing in a slight crouch to minimize the impact force on the joints.

Coach’s Tip: If you’re looking to increase your vertical hops, do fewer (three to five) reps and make your jumps more explosive. On the contrary, if you’re looking to improve the conditioning of your legs, reduce the height of the box and do more volume by increasing your reps and sets.

Plyo Box Jump Over

The box jump over will send your heart rate through the roof. The temporary discomfort and inevitable gasps for air will be worth it, though ‚ÄĒ you‚Äôll¬†improve your overall endurance,¬†burn more calories, and enhance your coordination.¬†No, you‚Äôre not actually clearing the box (though, if you can, we say go for it). That said, the double jump ‚ÄĒ once onto the box, and one jump that you rotate during to get off the box ‚ÄĒ will challenge your body awareness and overall athleticism.

  • More demanding on the cardiovascular system than standard box jumps.
  • Adding a directional change will improve bodily coordination and¬†agility.
  • The hop off the box is a low-intensity method of improving your body‚Äôs¬†capability to absorb force.

How to Do the Plyo Box Jump Over

Perform a standard box jump as described above. Instead of stepping back down, hop-forward off the far side of the box. Turn around and initiate another jump as fast as possible while avoiding instability or wobbling. Ensure that your feet make solid contact with the box each jump.

Coach‚Äôs Tip:¬†Adding¬†burpees¬†to the end of each ‚Äújump over‚ÄĚ once you reach the other side of the box will make this exercise all the more challenging. The box jump over is well-suited to being performed on¬†timed intervals.


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