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Rear Dealt Machine – 113kg Stack

Rear Dealt

  • 113kg stack
  • adjustable arms
  • multiple hand positions
  • adjustable seat


At Completegyms, we are proud to offer you this Rear Dealt Machine / Pec Fly

Check out this video on how to use this rear dealt machine Video

Why not warm up with Resistance Bands

Rear Dealt Fly Machine

The rear delt fly machine, also known as the reverse fly machine, is a gym machine exercise that builds strength in your rear deltoids.

This machine can teach novice weightlifters how to activate their rear delts in the safest way possible.

Simply put, learning the rear delt fly machine will greatly improve your shoulder workout routine

Muscles Worked By The Rear Dealt Fly Machine 


As you may have guessed, the rear delt fly machine primarily works your rear delts.

The deltoid is separated into three main fibers: the anterior, lateral, and posterior deltoids. Your posterior deltoids receive the most tension during this exercise.


The rear delt fly machine secondarily engages your traps, rhomboids, and other small muscles in your upper back.

Rear Dealt Fly Machine Benefits


The rear delt fly machine strengthens your shoulder muscles by developing your posterior deltoids. While this is an accessory exercise, the rear delt fly machine can boost your performance in compound exercises such as the overhead press, barbell bench press, and the deadlift.

Strong shoulders play an integral role in a variety of exercises — you should train them accordingly!


Compared to free weight exercises such as the bent over reverse fly, the rear delt fly machine provides far more stability.

There is little strain placed on your lower back and your core does not need to work as hard to stabilize your torso. You also don’t need to worry about the path of your hands, as the machine restricts your range of motion.

As a result, you can focus on training your rear delts without the increased risk of injury. This option is perfect for beginners or people with a prior history of shoulder issues.


Hours of sitting in chairs and muscle weaknesses can cause you to hunch over and round your shoulders over time. Thankfully, the rear delt fly machine is one of the best exercises to improve it!

If you deal with back pain and constantly find yourself slouched over, the rear delt fly machine can tighten your rear delts to correct this problem.

How To Do The Rear Dealt Fly Machine 


For this exercise, all you need is the rear delt fly machine.


a) Sit on the pad facing the rear delt machine and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Your chest should be pressed up against the chest pad and your back should be straight.

b) Grab the inside horizontal handles with your palms facing down. Your arms should be slightly bent.


a) Contract your rear deltoids to bring the handles back until they are roughly in line with your shoulders.

b) Squeeze your rear delts hard in this position and slowly return to the starting position.

c) Repeat!


You should aim to complete 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps of the rear delt fly machine. You shouldn’t aim to lift a very heavy weight on this exercise. Instead, perform each rep mindfully at lower weight to maximize your gains.

Rear Dealt Fly Machine Mistakes


Many weightlifters are taught to always keep a firm grip while exercising. Although this is often true, it can sometimes be counterproductive.

In the case of the rear delt fly machine, gripping the handles tightly causes some people to rely on their traps to bring the handles back.

Instead, grip the handles very lightly and try to only use your rear delts to complete the exercise motion.


Another common rear delt fly machine mistake is shrugging your shoulders upwards. This mistake most often happens when people try to load on more weight than they can handle.

Then, they are forced to shrug up and use their traps to bring the handles back. While there is nothing wrong with exercising your traps, this is a rear delt exercise!

To maximize your rear delts, lower the weight and focus on keeping your shoulders down and back during the exercise motion.


Lastly, far too many people rush through the rear delt fly machine. While an explosive movement may be beneficial for some exercises, the rear delt fly machine should be performed in a slow, controlled fashion.

Rushing through the motion only reduces the tension on your rear deltoids and minimizes your gains!

Rear Delt Fly Machine Variations

1. 1-ARM Rear Dealt FLY MACHINE

You can also perform the rear dealt fly machine unilaterally. Instead of using both handles, grab one handle and train one shoulder at a time.

The 1-arm rear delt fly is a great way to improve muscle imbalances in your shoulders.


The alternating hold variation of the rear delt fly machine will help build stability and strength in your posterior deltoids.

Begin by contracting your right rear delt to bring the handle back. Hold the handle in this position and perform the same motion on the left side.

Then, hold your left handle in place, allow the right handle to return to the starting position and bring the right handle back again. Keep alternating this rear delt fly hold pattern!


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