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Punching Bag 4ft PU

Punching Bag

  • 120cm long
  • 35cm diameter
  • 30kg

Original price was: £129.99.Current price is: £120.00.

swiss barbellAt Completegyms, we are proud to offer you this punch bag.

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Improved Balance

It may seem that heavy bags are more focused on the upper body, but this is not the case. Boxers make their way around the punching bag and add footwork into their exercise regimens when they are training. Exercises that involve the feet, such as throwing hooks while circling the boxing bag, can help the fighter develop better coordination and test their balance. A great approach to developing stability is to move about while keeping your feet quickly together and consciously shifting one’s weight from foot to foot.

Additionally, when you work out with a heavy bag, more than just your body is working. The bag suddenly and abruptly returns while you are kicking and firing punches. The bag almost acts like an opponent, and speed and weight are on its side.  It is crucial to maintain your focus and alertness in order to enhance your response time and coordination.

Better Technique

You may enhance your boxing technique simply by striking the heavy bag, which is one of the most obvious advantages. Contrary to popular belief, boxing has absolutely nothing to do with who can throw the greatest blows. Punching force may be crucial, but so is performing each movement precisely and with good technique. Straight punches with proper form will not only enhance your punches as a whole but also your body mobility and holistic performance. In fact, a heavy bag exercise is the best approach to enhance one’s boxing technique since, unlike shadowboxing, you can feel both the impact as well as the landing of every hit you mete out.

More Power

Because they concentrate on constructing as many muscles as possible, punching bag workouts are excellent for strengthening the body and increasing power. A heavy bag training session is a very efficient full-body exercise since it works all of your muscles, including those in your lower body, as well as those in your upper body. It’s a compound exercise that will work your core, legs, arms, shoulders, and back. Practicing both your punches and kicks with the most force possible on a heavy bag can help you gain strength and power over time. It’s the perfect way to condition your body and does in fact help in muscle gain due to the resistance the bag provides.

What are the benefits of punching bags for people who aren’t boxers?

Even if you’re not a fighter, the boxing bag promises a multitude of benefits. The best part about a bag is accessibility: you can find decently priced ones and all you need is a place to put them. Anyone can take up punching the bag as long as they look up the basics. Here are some benefits that might make you want to take up the boxing bag even if you don’t take up boxing itself:

Boosted Mental Health

Like the majority of physical activity, hitting a punching bag has been connected to increased mental health. The ability to handle life’s ups and downs while feeling calm is a major aspect of mental well-being. You’ll feel happier and be able to relax more thanks to the exercise.

A major benefit of incorporating a heavy bag into your workout is the release of endorphins, which work with your brain to lessen pain perception and give you that post-workout high. They are renowned for elevating your mood by causing your body to feel good. Hence, hitting a punching bag has proven to benefit those who struggle with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and low self-esteem.

Heart Health

One of the most significant advantages of a punching bag is improved cardiovascular health. The advantages of using a punching bag to improve general health are reiterated by medical research. According to several studies, using a punching bag to exercise helps burn calories and stave against heart ailments, blood vessels, and heightened blood pressure.

Getting some hits in on the boxing bag is a beneficial aerobic activity that can help you improve the quality of your sleep, make your heart stronger, enhance your lung capacity, and burn excess fat.

Fat Loss

For those looking for a high-intensity workout to help them shave excess pounds, a punching bag is a wonderful option. Hitting the bag helps burn calories and expend energy, both of which contribute to healthy weight loss. In fact, using a punching bag can burn up to 558 calories an hour depending on your body weight.

Proper fitness is all-encompassing; it includes cardiac exercise, stress reduction, physical strength, and flexibility. Hence, fat loss should be done while keeping fitness in mind, and including an aerobic and strength workout like a heavy bag, punching is a great way to do that.

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