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Crosstrainer – Pulse Fusion Series 280G


  • Length: 227 cm
  • Width 75 cm
  • Height: 161 cm
  • Product Weight: 160kg
  • Drive Type: Rear Drive
  • Self Powered: Yes
  • Max User Weight: 195kg
  • Pre-set Programs: 26
  • Console Type: LED
  • Heart Rate Sensors: Yes, built in hand sensors and polar chest strap compatible.

Original price was: £1,349.00.Current price is: £849.99.

At Complete Gyms, we are proud to offer you this Pulse Fusion Series 280G Commercial CrossTrainer.

Why not set this Pulse Crosstrainer on a Rubber Tile ??

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Classic Resale Elliptical CrossTrainer with 7″ Tactile Key Console Fixed Stride in Midnight Grey/Dark Silver

Ergonomic in design, non-slip and sweat resistant the handlebars encourage correct posture and technique. They also offer the user a wide range of hand grip options and feature contact heart rate sensors.

The anti-slip oversized pedals accommodate users of all sizes, biomechanically designed for the comfort of the user for a non-impact workout on joints. The pedals are 100% synchronised to the motion of the upper body handlebars providing an in-sync total body workout..

Specifically engineered to replicate a natural striding motion the closeness of the pedal spacing design maximises hip rotation, whilst eliminating joint stress enabling the user to stride naturally according to workout rate.

The rear drive belted mechanism of the X-train is uniquely designed to deliver a smooth, quiet and fluid elliptical path of motion for the user’s comfort.

7” Cardio Console
Workout. Inclusive. The intuitive 7” Cardio Console provides a compelling entry-level range workout experience that is perfect for both exercise rookies and workout regulars alike.
With an integrated 7” motivational display screen and built-in advanced connectivity, this Series is a sleek, reliable asset to any facility.
The 7” Cardio Console, is derived from extensive research into what captivates and transforms workouts

Display & Controls

Screen 17.8cm / 7” Integrated High Contrast Colour Display

16:9 Aspect Ratio

512×300 Resolution

Interactive User Console (cm/”)  Yes – 38.1cm / 15”
Navigation Tactile controls – with raised iconography (both on the console and the product)


Product Dimensions (L x H x W) (227cm x 161cm x 75cm)
Weight 162kg / 357lbs.
Maximum User Weight 160kg / 353lbs.


The benefits of using an elliptical machine for weight loss are evident, with many people successfully using this piece of equipment to accelerate their fat loss. Research suggests that crosstrainer are preferable to some of the alternative machines, such as stair climbers and exercise bikes. In terms of calories burned, workouts on cross trainers are comparable with the treadmill, but can often feel easier as larger groups of muscles are used to generate the movement.

The precise number of calories burned during a workout on the cross trainer will depend upon a variety of factors, including age, gender and your current level of fitness, but it’s certainly one of the most effective machines to use if your goal is to lose weight.


The benefits of a crosstrainer go far beyond weight loss, and include the protection of your joints. When considering the pros and cons of the crosstrainer vs the treadmill, this is one of the most important distinctions. A workout on the treadmill is considered a high impact workout.

On the other hand, workouts using the cross trainer are impact-free. This makes crosstrainer a fantastic alternative for people who experience joint problems or pain, as the amount of pressure applied to the joints, particularly in the knee and hip, are reduced significantly.


Unlike many other cardio machines, cross trainers work the entire body, providing a full-body workout and increasing the number of calories burned.

To give the arms an effective workout, simply hold onto the handles, pushing and pulling as you move your feet on the pedals. This works the entire upper body, including the chest and shoulders.

As you move the pedals with your feet, your lower body, including your glutes, will get a great workout. In order to target the glutes, you can increase the resistance, or introduce periods of pedalling backwards. The crosstrainer is a highly adaptable machine, and workouts can be tailored to target specific muscle groups as and when required.

It’s possible to make some adjustments to your cross trainer routine to help tone your core, including the all-important abdominal muscles. To work your abs more, simply let go of the handles and engage your core muscles. When you’re no longer holding on with your hands, you must use your abdominal muscles to stay balanced. This also provides you with a fantastic core workout.

You can also vary the technique used on the cross trainer to get the best possible thigh workout. Slight changes to the way in which you use the machine can target different muscle groups, helping to keep your thighs toned and strong. For example, when you pedal backwards, you will target your quads (the front of your thighs).

If you’re an advanced user, you can even perform squats as you pedal backwards. You shouldn’t attempt this until you’re a regular user, but this can significantly improve the condition of your thighs. Aim to hold the squat for a few seconds each time.


The best exercise routines contain a variety of intensities, used together to create an effective regime. When using a cross trainer, you can either choose to mimic a brisk walk, a run, or a challenging stair climb. In order to change the type of workout, you just need to vary the resistance of the machine, and the speed at which you move.

If you’re trying to improve your fitness, introduce some high-intensity interval training. This involves mixing some high-intensity bursts with periods of low intensity. You can start low, and build up the intensity over time.


If you’re new to the gym, it can be overwhelming, and some of the equipment can be difficult to use. This isn’t a problem with the crosstrainer, which has an extremely intuitive design – the right technique can be learned in a matter of minutes. Similarly, the cross trainer is also one of the safest pieces of equipment inside the gym.

Many people get injured when they fall off a treadmill or have an accident in the free weights section of the gym, but the crosstrainer is rarely associated with injuries of any kind.


Whilst resistance training is often the exercise of choice for strengthening your muscles, using the cross trainer is an excellent alternative, or supplementary exercise to improve all-round strength. Increasing the resistance of the machine means that your body must work harder to achieve the same speed, so crank this up if you’re looking to gain strength.

Research has also suggested that the crosstrainer can be used as a recovery exercise by people who partake in lots of resistance training. This has been found to help muscles recover much faster, and can result in larger overall strength gains. When using the cross trainer for recovery, it’s important to keep both the resistance and heart rate relatively low, compared to high-intensity exercises.


If you wish to do a crosstrainer work out at home, rather than joining a gym, a cross trainer should be at the top of your equipment wish list. They’re relatively inexpensive, don’t take up much room, and provide you with a full-body workout. The crosstrainer is often overlooked as equipment for a home gym, with many people choosing a treadmill instead.

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