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Pulse Assisted Chin / Dip Station

Pulse Assisted Chin / Dip Station

  • • Multiple start positions to ensure correct
    posture and workout variety.
    • Pulse 100kg enclosed weight stack with small
    (2.5kg) weight increment selections.
    promoting a broader training spectrum
    • Swing-away counterbalanced knee pad
    for added comfort.
  • Pulse build quality.


At Completegyms, we are proud to assisted chin / dip station from Pulse.

Why not warm up before using this Pulse machine with Resistance Bands

Check out this video – Video


What Muscles do Pull-Ups Work?

Pull-ups are known as a “compound” exercise, meaning that they use multiple joints and multiple muscle groups to move said joints. However, not all of these muscle groups are worked to the same extent.

The muscles recruited in a dynamic and intense manner are called the primary mover muscles, whereas muscles worked to a lesser capacity are referred to as secondary mover muscles, and those recruited isometrically are referred to as stabilizer muscles.

Primary Mover Muscles

With each repetition of the pull-up, the muscles of the latissimus dorsi, biceps brachii, trapezius, rhomboids, infraspinatus and the posterior head of the deltoid are worked to a highly intense extent.

Because of their role in the pull-up, these aforementioned muscle groups are also the ones that benefit the most.

Secondary Mover and Stabilizer Muscles

In terms of secondary mover muscles, the pull-up primarily utilizes muscles like the brachialis and brachioradialis to support the primary movers.

Furthermore, the core musculature, forearms and erector spinae are all used as stabilizing muscles as well.

What are the Benefits of Doing Pull-Ups?

Even discounting the many benefits of resistance exercises as a whole, pull-ups are still a must-have in any serious training program, as they offer several further advantages that even novice lifters will find useful.

Development of the Back, Arm and Shoulder Muscles

Pull-ups are the quintessential back-and-biceps exercise in calisthenic workouts for a reason.

Unmatched by most other bodyweight exercises, pull-ups are capable of packing on strength and mass in muscle groups like the deltoids, biceps and the entirety of the back’s musculature – all of which are vitally important for exercisers of all types.

In order to take full advantage of the pull-up’s ability to develop muscle in these areas, the exerciser’s recovery methodology and diet should be perfected as well.

Improved Grip Strength and Trunk Stability

As stabilizer muscles, the forearm and core are isometrically contracted throughout the entire length of a pull-up set.

Such training stimulus causes improved stability and endurance in said muscle groups – a form of muscular development that plays an important role in nearly all physical activity, regardless of whether athletic or everyday actions.

While pull-ups are no real substitute to direct muscular stability training, they can play an important role in developing the strength of the core and the endurance of the forearm muscles, especially when combined with abdominal isolation exercise and grip strength training.

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