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Best Gym Equipment for New Gyms

Whether you’re kitting out a home gym for the first time or opening a commercial gym, the world of gym equipment can be tricky to navigate. You need to make sure that you have the equipment to work out various parts of the body, and this applies whether the gym is just for yourself or the public. The sheer variety of gym equipment can seem overwhelming; how can you possibly get every piece of gym equipment in your space to guarantee a comprehensive workout? The truth is that you don’t need every piece of equipment; however, there are some staples that we believe to be the best additions for new gyms. These staple pieces are explored in further detail below.

Workout Equipment

Let’s start with the workout equipment itself; this is the stuff that you or your clients will actually be using to improve their strength and fitness.

Punching Bags

First up are punching bags. Punching bags are such simple pieces of equipment, yet they allow for an incredibly well-rounded workout. With a punching bag, you can improve fitness, stamina, coordination, strength, and everything in between. Not to mention, it allows you to blow off some steam after a long day in a completely healthy way, improving your mental health on top of your physical health.


Secondly are barbells, which are long metal bars with weights placed on each end. These also allow you to build strength throughout your entire body. The back, chest, arms, shoulders, and legs can all be worked using barbells, depending on your chosen workout.

Dumbbells Set

Next up are dumbbells, which can be rubber hexagon steel or polyurethane weights at each end, designed to be lifted using one hand. As a result, dumbbells are more beginner-friendly, and you won’t need a spotter to use them as you typically would with barbells. Like barbells, though, dumbbells still allow you to work almost any part of your body; it just all depends on how you use them.

Kettlebell Weights

Following this are kettlebell weights, which are essentially large weights with a handle, almost resembling a kettle, as suggested by the name. Kettlebells also have the capacity to work the entire body, with the main muscles being the glutes, hamstrings, and upper back.

Medicine Balls

The penultimate piece of workout equipment on our list is the medicine ball, which is, quite simply, a weighted ball. Building strength with a medicine ball requires you to use the vast majority of your body, placing it as a well-rounded piece of equipment. The major muscle groups that are targeted by medicine balls include the legs, glutes, abs, shoulders, arms, and back. They come with or without double handles.

Electric Treadmills

Last but not least on our list of workout equipment is a cardio machine – the electric treadmill. Treadmills are ideally placed in a new gym, as they can be used by people with varying fitness levels, and they allow you to engage your entire body. Since speed and incline can be adjusted on a treadmill, the user can make the necessary changes to suit their unique workout. What’s more, treadmills are far from complicated to operate, making them ideal for beginners. The heavy duty home range ones fold up for storage aswell

Gym Fundamentals

While workout equipment is undeniably a staple of any gym, no gym can thrive without the necessary fundamentals for any workout. To that end, we’ve detailed some of the key pieces of gym fundamentals below.

Folding Weight Bench

First and foremost, the folding weight bench is essential for safe practice when lifting barbells. With the wrong positioning, you could cause yourself some serious damage when lifting weights, and a folding weight bench helps you to guarantee that you’re in the safest position. The benches are multi positioning.

Gym Storage

Secondly is gym storage, which not only makes a workout space look tidier, but it enhances safety, too. This is because users of the gym won’t be stepping around weights dotted all over the floor; instead, they can be put away securely, and individuals can roam around the space freely.

Gym Flooring Tiles

Last but not least is gym flooring tiles. Not only do gym flooring tiles prevent gym floors from being damaged by weights being dropped, but they also provide a flat and grippy surface for individuals to stand and lift weights safely.

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The workout equipment and gym furniture detailed above are just some of the options that we would consider the best gym equipment for new gyms. Despite this, we have a comprehensive online store in which all manner of equipment is available, allowing you to select the right equipment for you.

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