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SF600 Multi-Purpose Polyurethane Adhesive

SF600 Multi-Purpose Polyurethane Adhesive

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SF600 is a two part polyurethane adhesive formulated for ambient temperature cure.SF600 is designed for the permanent bonding of a wide range of floor coverings including:synthetic rubber PVC wood Benefits of SF600:Good water resistance Solvent free Easy to apply A good general purpose adhesive Strong permanent bond PDF Data SheetsSF600_DS_GB_2017-04-05_WEBSF600-A_SDS_GB_2016-11-10SF600-B_SDS_GB_2016-11-10PreparationSite conditions MUST comply with British Standards CP 102, BS 8203, BS 5325 and supplementary specifications.The surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from oil, grease, paint, dust and other contaminants liable to impair adhesion. Concrete and sand/cement screeds must be fully cured and free from laitance. Direct to earth subfloors must incorporate an efficient damp proof membrane. Underfloor heating must have been fully commissioned as per manufacturers instructions and must be switched off 48 hours before and during installation. The heating should be switched on 48 hours after completion but then only gradually as per the commissioning schedule. Consult the Technical Department for a full specification. PrimingEnsure substrate is suitable for the adhesive before application. Contact tremco illbruck Customer Services for details. MixingSF600 is a two part adhesive that hardens by chemical reaction.It is essential that both parts are mixed thoroughly to a smooth paste, uniform in colour.It is essential that the mixing instructions are strictly followed. Transfer Part B into Part A container. Using a slow speed drill, fitted with a two bladed propeller, mix the contents for two to three minutes to obtain uniformity of colour and consistency. Avoid mixing with high speed mixers due to excessive heat build-up. ApplicationHaving mixed the adhesive, spread evenly using a ‘V’ notched trowel, size 1.5 mm x 5 mm for smooth backed rubber and 2 mm x 6 mm for coned or preduncled backed rubber. All hollows in this type of backing must be completely filled (“buttering” may be necessary). Place the floor covering carefully into position and roll immediately with a 68 kg flooring roller in both directions unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. Keep free of foot traffic until the adhesive has set (12 to 72 hours). Laying at low temperatures causes the adhesive to thicken, making it more difficult to spread, thus reducing coverage and extending the curing time. Polyurethane adhesives are slow to cure. It is essential that the back of the floor covering remains in contact with the adhesive until cured. Some weighting down may be necessary.


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