Primal Strength Conditioning Package


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• Includes: Wooden Plyo Box, Battle Rope, Speed Rope, Fitness Hurdles, Fitness Ladders• 3-Size, Commercial, Wooden Plyo Box• Premium-Grade, Canvas-Covered 12kg Battle Rope• Adjustable Length, Screw-Fixing Speed Rope• Heavy-Duty Extended 10m...

Out of stock


• Includes: Wooden Plyo Box, Battle Rope, Speed Rope, Fitness Hurdles, Fitness Ladders
• 3-Size, Commercial, Wooden Plyo Box
• Premium-Grade, Canvas-Covered 12kg Battle Rope
• Adjustable Length, Screw-Fixing Speed Rope
• Heavy-Duty Extended 10m Speed Ladder Set


The Primal Conditioning Package is a great add-on for any Gym , PT Studio or Cross Fit Box.

Rebel Commercial Fitness Wooden Plyo Box

The Rebel Commercial Fitness Wooden Plyo Box has been designed at the correct heights for all CrossFit Boxes and Games. The Plyo box will look superb in any functional gym, box or training facility. It comes in 40cm, 50cm, 60cm heights. Plyo boxes are now a stable piece of equipment in all functional gyms and are widely used by athletes for both plyometric and interval training. The Rebel Commercial Fitness Plyo Box has been thoroughly tested and is CNC precision-manufactured. It comes flat-packed with pre-drilled holes and a reinforced centre. The heavy weight box will not slip under use when used in conjunction with Stealth Commercial Fitness Elite Premium Grade Gym Floor Matting.

Stealth Commercial Fitness Canvas Battle Rope

The Stealth Commercial Fitness Nero Gloss Battle Rope has been designed to be used both in a gym environment and in outdoor boot camps. The rope is protected by heavy-duty canvas and has rubberised grip handles. When designing the Stealth Rope, we spoke to commercial gym owners and Personal Trainers and the feedback was the longer, 15m rope is more popular whilst users prefer a 10-15kg weight. We settled on the 12kg/15m rope and thoroughly tested it to ensure it would last. Training with Battle Ropes gives users access to multiple conditioning exercises and they are great for power work and both aerobic and anaerobic training. When training with battle ropes, users employ multiple muscle groups, achieving fast results and quickly improving their conditioning.

Rebel Primary Fitness Speed Rope

The Rebel Primary Fitness Speed Ropes are lightning quick and easily adjustable to suit the height of the user. Simply select the desired nylon rope length and screw the fasters to the rope, firmly securing it and making it the ideal training length.

The lightweight, black, speed handles have a narrow and thick grip with a nylon rope connector. The Rebel Primary Fitness Speed rope, whilst being entry level, is very durable for use in commercial gyms and CrossFit boxes. The ropes are also ideal for large group boot camps and for outdoor use.

Rebel Commercial Fitness Ladders

The Rebel Commercial Fitness Ladders are essential for sports performance and speed work. The Rebel Ladders are wider and longer than basic ladder sets and are 10m in length with 20 50cm-wide ladder rungs. The Rebel Ladders are perfect for speed work, footwork, squat jumps, press-up races and a wide array of other speed and conditioning exercises. The ladders can be incorporated into any training drill and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The heavy-duty design includes: flat rungs to ensure the rungs aren’t a trip hazard, double-stitched nylon sides that won’t tear if kicked or tangle when being set up or packed away.

Stealth Commercial Fitness Hurdles

The Stealth Commercial Fitness Hurdles come in a set of 4 hurdles with heights from 15cm to 45cm. The 1-piece, durable design allows the hurdles to be quickly set up and ensures they will stand the test of time for outdoor and indoor trainers alike. Training using fitness hurdles improve user’s athleticism and ability to manoeuvre quickly and efficiently. Hurdles help to improve agility, quick feet, higher knee lift, and strong bounding – all essentials for maximising athletic performance.


• 2-Year Commercial Warranty



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