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  Force USA introduces the new Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Calf Raise Combination MachineDesigned with space saving and superior Force USA quality in mind, this brings you the best...

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Force USA introduces the new Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Calf Raise Combination Machine
Designed with space saving and superior Force USA quality in mind, this brings you the best of three popular machines in one footprint. 
Designed and engineered in the USA to be robust,  solid  and versatile enough to create a variety of gym workouts for the most demanding of trainers. The Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Calf Raise Combination Machine is used in personal training studios and home gyms around the world. 


The Monster Ultimate includes a 45 Degree Leg Press, a Hack Squat and Calf Raise option.


  • Professional Workout space & Footprint is limited 
  • You need full commercial quality 
  • You want a heavy duty machine with large weight capacity
  • You cater to the serious trainer or customer


Strength athletes, high performance sports people, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches  and serious home gym enthusiasts will find that the Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Calf Raise Combination Machine exceeds all expectations!

That’s why we created the Force USA Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Calf Raise Combination Machine!

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Force USA Leg Press Hack Squat    
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  • 600kg Capacity
  • Three Machines: Leg Press, Hack Squat, Calf Raise
  • Full Commercial Quality 
  • 5 Locking Points for better bail outs and launch positions
  • 5 Foot Plate Angle Adjustments to Enable Focus on Quads, Glutes and Hamstrings
  •  Powerband Pegs Included: Helps Increase Load and Variety Without Extra Weight Plates
  • Removable Calf Block Included for Standing Calf Raises.  
  • 4 Loading Bars "Quad System" means Easier Loading of 600kgs
  • Large Leg Press Footplate (600mm by 470mm) Allows Various Foot Positions. 
  • Standard AND Olympic Sleeves Included. Use Olympic or Standard Weight Plates.
  • Oversized Shoulder Pads for Effortless and Comfortable Hack Squat Position.
  • Weight Plate Storage Horns Keeping Your Workout Space Safe and Tidy
  • Original Force USA International Brand, The Trusted Name in Strength Equipment
  • Free Delivery within 5 days*
  • Installation Available
  • 250kg to 450kg Capacity
  • Leg Press Only, or 2 Machine Combo with Hack Squat.
  • Light Commercial
  • 2 to 3  Locking Points Limits bail outs and launch positions
  • 1 to 3 Foot Plate Angles Limits Ability to Vary Your Training Routine
  • No Powerband Pegs. Only Way to Increase Workload is to Buy More Weight Plates.
  • No Calf Block Included With Hack Squat Means no Standing Calves
  • 2 Loading Points, Often Limits Loading of Weight Plates.
  • Smaller Leg Press Footplates Reduce Foot Positions and Limits Your Workout Variance. 
  • Standard Weight Plates OR Olympic Weight Plates Only. You Cant Use Both.  
  • Narrow Hack Squat Shoulder Pads Means Awkward or Uncomfortable Workout.
  • No Storage Means Leaving Weights Plates on Floor or Purchasing Weight Tree
  • Some Local Brands or Strength not a Core focus
  • Some Suppliers Import per Order
  • Some Companies Cannot Install. 


*Similar Units means a Leg Press or Leg Press Hack Squat Combination in the same price bracket (+ or - 15%). 

** When in stock. Force USA is housed and warehoused in the UK and when in stock dispatches to UK customers within 5 days and European customers within 7 days.

Leg Press

The Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press & Hack Squat is a combination of three legendary leg exercises; the Leg Press, Hack Squat Machine and Calf Raises. Now combined into one compact footprint. 
The Leg Press offers a 600kg weight capacity as well as an oversized foot plate which allows a greater variety of foot positions in order to target different areas of the legs. 
The adjustable backrest can be adjusted to 5 different positions to allow multiple areas of your legs to be targeted. 
DuraCore padding and VorTex upholstery of a commercial grade provide supreme back support. 
Anti slip and sure grip Checker plate construction of foot plates enhances safety and  ensures a slip free surface

Hack Squat

Within a few seconds you can transform the leg press into another gym machine favourite.
The Hack Squat Machine offers 5 safety lock out positions and multiple foot plate angles to target different areas during your leg day.
Commercial grade DuraCore padding and VorTex upholstery provide supreme back support. 
Extra long hack squat shoulder pads to offer comfortable positions for trainers of all heights. 
DuraCore padding and VorTex upholstery of a commercial grade provide supreme back support.
Anti slip and sure grip Checker plate construction of foot plates enhances safety and  ensures a slip free surface

Calf Raise Block

Unlike many other leg press hack squat combination machines The Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press & Hack Squat includes a removable calf raise block
This now creates a favourite calf exercise in the gym: The Standing Calf Raise. Use up to 600kgs of weight, or begin experimenting with increase varying resistance of a set of power bands

Band Pegs 

If you don’t have a set of power bands to compliment and supplement your weight training then you are missing out on a fast growing trend. 
You can really ramp up your strength training and bodybuilding gains by adding a set of power bands (optional sold separately) to your weight training routines. 
Power bands attach to your leg press and hack squat by the band pegs at the base of the unit. If your leg press hack squat does not have band pegs then you cant use power bands.
Power bands increase the resistance through elastic, thus saving you on weight plates and adds increasing resistance towards the end of your movement. 

Quick Transition from Leg Press to Hack Squat

The Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press & Hack Squat converts quickly and easily from the leg press configuration to the hack squat configuration.

A simple adjustment to the leg press plat and then a transfer of the back rest pad onto the hack squat. Adjust the foot plate to your preferred angle and then you are ready to go. 

This saves you time when super setting or working with multiple users.

Checker plate construction enhances safety and  ensures a slip free surface

Handles attached to the leg press frame It's easier to move around attach and remove.

Commercial construction and powder coating.

Features and Specifications 

Laser-cut powder-coated steel construction

  • Height – 60″
  • Width – 66″
  • Depth – 94″
  • Foot Plate - 26" long by 22" wide
  • Extra-sturdy 13 GA Steel Construction
  • 11 GA Steel Joints and Stress Points
  • Dual Floor Support Beams for Maximum Support 
  • 450 kg maximum capacity
  • 2"x4" Steel Mainframe
  • A range of motion for short, medium and tall trainers, (up to 7 foot tall).
  • 5 Safety Lockout Positions
  • 5 Racking positions
  • Includes Calf Block for calf focused workouts
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Includes 4 plate storage horns
  • Additional plate holders beneath sled for extreme weight.
  • Product Weight – 160kgs.
  • Includes 4 band pegs and 6 band peg positions.

The trainers’ choice for PT studios, Home Gyms, School Gyms and even full commercial gyms. Used by high-performance trainers, strength coaches, athletes and personal trainers throughout the world.

Staying ahead of the competition with Innovative features designed by demand such as the 5 point locking system, calf raise, band pegs and extra shoulder padding. The Force USA research and development team consists of trainers and athletes who use the equipment.

The Force USA F-MLPHS is a 2 in 1 combination Leg Press and Hack Squat strength machine, add to these the calf raise and you have a 3 in 1 combo gym machine 

Build incredible lower body strength with the two safe foundation thigh, glute and hamstring exercises of leg press and hack squats. Two calf training exercises in including Calf Press and Standing Calf Raises. 

The Force USA Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo provides lower body exercise movements to get explosive strength rapidly.

Target your Quadriceps, Hips and Glutes with deeper Hack Squats and varied foot positions for Leg Press movements.

Both the Leg Press and Hack Squat options feel ultra-smooth in motion thanks to the Force USA Hover-Glide mechanism. No more sticking, wobbling and shaking!

Commercial grade DuraCore™ padding and VorTex™ upholstery provide supreme back support. Ergonomic exercise movement protects your knees from impact stress.

Extra long and think Hack Squat padding and handles have been lengthened to offer ideal positioning regardless of your height. Extended height range allows for users up to 7' tall.

The Leg Press has an oversized footplate allowing you to vary your stance for greater emphasis on specific leg muscles. Large Leg Press Footplate (600mm by 470mm).

This Leg Press Hack Squat Calf Raise machine can switch from Leg Press to Hack Squat in seconds. With multiple footplate angles on the Hack Squat and Leg Press configuration. Everything is fully adjustable. Back pad angle, foot plate angle and safety stopper adjust with a simple pull of the pop-pin.

Built-in safety components provide enhanced safety. Train confidently to failure. Safety rail handles on both sides. Adjustable safety catch stops the carriage from lowering any further. 5 bail out points and lock positions. More than most other leg press machines on the market.

Modern and considered design. Fully adjustable for all user heights. Quick setup for your intended usage. Safe entry and exit. Simple to use even if you’ve never used a Leg Press machine before.

Add powerbands to your leg press to increase resistance and variety. Simple attache the power bands to any of the band pegs included with the Leg Press Hack Squat.

Add up to 600kgs of weight plates with the extended length upper carriage sleeves combined with rear carriage carriers. Heavy duty and big enough to carry a massive amount of weight plates. Use standard plates or Olympic weight plates.

Keep your gym space tidy. The Force USA Leg Press / Hack Squat has 4 sleeves for weight plate storage compatible with Standard or Olympic weight plates.

The guide rails for the Hover-Glide mechanism are longer to enable full range of motion throughout the exercise movement.

Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing. Only the best grade steel is used in every component to ensure your Monster MLPHS is the highest quality and built to last.

Eco-friendly commercial grade powder coat followed by a clear coating. Durable and long-lasting protection.

High density commercial grade foam padding with ultra-thick laminated wood base. Firm and comfortable.

Superior commercial grade vinyl upholstery. Rip-Stop mesh backing helps prevent rips and tears.

American innovation and design. Superior quality, strength and stability. Make sure it’s Force USA. The trusted name in strength equipment.

Please note that these units do not come with weight plates or Olympic bars as these are optional extras. Force USA G series Functional Trainer machines can take either standard weight plates with a 25mm diameter hold or Olympic weight plates with a 50mm hole. 

The standard Olympic bar that we suggest is the 7 foot Olympic bar. Rubber coated weight plates and bumper plates are preferred however you can also use hammertone or metal finish Olympic weight plates.




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