The Original AB King Pro


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The Ab King Pro is specially designed to get in just 3 minutes a day a flat, sexy, rock-hard stomach and a slim waist

With most devices and exercises only tightening your abdominal muscles in the upward movement, with the unique design of the Ab King Pro all your abdominal muscles are also tightened in the downward movement. The AB King Pro gives your neck and body support as you train.It has 5 levels of resistance to adjust the intensity and difficulty of your workout.Ab King Pro is foldable and easy to main.

Order now and get totally free 3 minute “Burn-it-up” video and the 10-day Ab King Pro “Slim Down Plan” to achieve even faster results.

Package includes:

  • Ab King Pro
  • 3 minutes “burn it up” video CD
  • 10 day “slim down plan”


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