Swiss Commercial GHD

Fully adjustable and equipped to remain steady while generating peak power output, the Swiss GHD is a comprehensive tool for midline stabilisation and the strengthening of hamstrings and glutes.

Along with strengthening muscles within the posterior chain, GHD training allows one of the only safe ways to actively train your spinal erectors. GHD sit-ups also result in one of the most powerful abdominal contractions of any movement in the gym. The midline stabilization gained acts like an intrinsic weight belt protecting the spine.

Easily transportable.



Product Dimensions: 197cm Length, 91cm Width, 132cm Height

Commercial Warranty: 5 Year Frame, 2 Year Parts & 6 Months Upholstery

Main Tube Size: 50mm*70mm*2mm

Product Weight: 67kg

Boxed Weight: 70kg

Frame Colour: Black

Upholstery Colour: Black

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