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Sportesse Seated Calf – Good 80kg Stack

Sportesse Seated Calf

  • 80kg stack
  • Commercial grade
  • Used
  • Sportesse quality



At Completegyms, we are proud to offer you this  –

seated calf from Sportesse.


Why not put this Sportesse seated calf  on Rubber Tiles ??


What benefits do calf raises exercise provide? The main benefit of this exercise is to strengthen the muscular area of the body that we probably use the most every day when we stand or walk, in addition to being able to have a stronger Achilles tendon, as well as strengthening around the ankle and knee joint.

Sportesse equipment comes with the assurance of quality.


The Sportesse seated calf raise might look harmless, but without the proper technique, you might be setting yourself up for a calf strain. Perfecting the seated calf raise requires attention to your form and the proper lifting technique. It also requires that you keep some important cues in mind as they would help you keep your technique in form.

Some of the tips to help you perfect the calf raise includes:

  • Use light weights: Starting with heavy weights will do you more harm than good. They place pressure on your muscles that your calves may not be used to. This could lead to excessive soreness or in more extreme cases, muscle strains. To avoid it, start the seated raise with lighter dumbbells. This will make it easier to perform the raise properly and reduce the risk of calf muscle injuries. Don’t know what dumbbell weight you should use?
  • Don’t let your heel touch the floor: Your heels should remain airborne throughout the exercise, as touching your heel to the floor takes the tension out of your calf. Keep the ball of your feet in contact with the step and your heel slightly off the floor. This places constant tension on your calves throughout your set.
  • Don’t slouch: This would place pressure on your lower back. To avoid this problem, sit at the edge of your chair and keep your back erect and your shoulder blades pinched together throughout the length of your exercise. To make it easier, rest your back on the chair’s back support. Keep your mid-back in touch with support at all times.
  • Squeeze the calves: Squeeze your calves for one to two seconds at the peak of the movement to ensure maximum contraction. This will add intensity and increase muscle response. This muscle response is what you need to strengthen, build, and tone your calves.
  • Use a full range of motion: Performing with a full range of motion ensures that you get the best results of your calf raise. This means that you have to drop your heels and raise them as far as they will go.
  • Listen to your body: While it is advisable to perform the full range of motion during the calf raise, if you start to feel a pinch in your calf or the bottom of your foot, you might want to take it slower and feel your way through the movement to reduce the risk of straining your calf muscle.
  • Don’t use your toes: This is a common mistake among newbies. Rather than pushing through the base of your toes, focus on lifting with the ball or mid-part of your feet. This serves the purpose of the seated calf raise better.
  • Keep your movements slow: Keep your repetitions slow and controlled. Don’t rush the exercise. Using momentum reduces the intensity and contractions in your calves. Take it slow and squeeze your calves at the top of your movement.


To do this:

  • Keep your feet hip-width apart and flat on the floor.
  • Slowly lift your heel by pushing through the bulk of your feet.
  • Squeeze your calf at the peak of the movement.
  • Hold this position for two seconds.
  • Slowly lower your heel.
  • Complete as many reps as you can fit in a set.


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