Primal Strength Incline ISO Chest Press

Price match guarantee

ISO Lever Plate-Loaded Machines have many benefits, including:

  • Independent movement of each machine arm
  • Converging or diverging range of motion
  • Safely isolating muscle groups
  • Maximise weight used whilst applying a natural lifting motion

The Primal Strength Commercial ISO Low Back Row offers a natural and very ‘true’ low row motion. This ergonomic design allows users to achieve a full range of motion whilst isolating and developing the targeted back muscle groups more effectively than any other low row machine on the market. The Primal Strength ISO Low Back Row has been engineered with horizontal and angled grip handles, allowing using to adjust their grip, whereby each grip targets the back muscles in a slightly different motion.


Price match guarantee

At Completegyms, We are proud to offer you this Incline ISO Chest Press from Primal Strength.

  • 3mm Commercial Steel ISO Lever Incline Chest Press
  • Quick-Release Seat Adjustment
  • Olympic Weight-Pin Holders for Maximum Load
  • Ergonomically Designed to Move in The Body’s Natural Motion
  • Premium Rubber and Aluminium-Capped Handles


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