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Plate Loaded Elite V Squat

  • Plate Loaded
  • 2 lock positions
  • Shoulder Pads
  • large foot plate


At Completegyms, we are proud to offer you this plate loaded V front squat.

Why not load this machine up with – Olympic Plates

Check out this video on how to do use the V front squat properly – Video

What is a V Squat?

A V Squat machine is a plate loadable piece of gym equipment that allows the user to perform a squat movement whilst placing less pressure on the lower back when compared to a barbell squat.

Typically, a V squat machine allows the execution of both front and back squats, making it more versatile when compared to other squat machines such as the hack squat.

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V Squat vs Hack Squat

Sometimes a V squat machine can be confused with a hack squat. Whilst both allow for squatting with a fixed plane of movement, they are quite different machines, specifically when it comes to the movement patterns.

A hack squat makes use of a carriage which runs up and down on linear rails, whilst the back pad provides support to the upper body and alleviates stress on the lumbar spine and stabilizer muscles.

By comparison, a V squat machine rotates around a pivot point resulting in an arc plane of motion. This means that the V squat is a better replication for the barbell squat.

Another point to note is that the weight on a hack squat machine remains consistent throughout the movement.

In other words, if you load 100kg onto the machine, this stays the same whether at the top or bottom of the movement.

Conversely, the weight load on a V squat machine is typically heavier at the bottom of the movement and lighter at the top. This is due to the location of the pivot point when compared to the weight load.

Both machines are great for building strong legs and will allow you to squat with a full range of motion whilst targeting the hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

Benefits of the V Squat

They Help To Build The Lower Body:

The V squat machine will effectively work all the leg muscles. By varying your foot placement on the foot plate, you can put greater emphasis on the different muscles of the legs.

It’s Versatile

Aside from switching up the positioning of your feet, you can even perform a reverse V squat. This is where you would undertake the exercise whilst facing towards the machine, making it good for improving hip flexion. What’s more, the grips on a V squat machine could allow you to use it as a kind of Viking Press so you can add mass to your delts.

They Can Prevent Back And Knee Strain

If you perform the exercise correctly, you can reduce the likelihood for lower back and knee injuries. The support provided from the back pad, reduces the activation of the core and stabilizer muscles and the fixed plane of motion makes it more likely you can perform the exercise with better form.

V Squat Alternatives

If you don’t have access to a V squat machine in your gym or perhaps, you’re new to training and not quite ready to move to barbell squatting, there are other squat machines that are worth considering that will work the muscles of your lower body


Are V Squats bad for your knees?

Squatting incorrectly can put significant stress on your joints which may result in an injury, especially if squatting heavy. As mentioned above, a barbell squat is a very technical exercise in which you should seek advice from a personal trainer to learn the correct form.

When squatting on various machines, whilst these do essentially help with form it’s also advisable to ask the gym PT how to use them. Correct form not only prevent injuries it also ensures you are working the muscles efficiently.

Should you use machines when squatting?

Not necessarily, bodyweight squats are great for beginners or those that may have a pre-existing injury preventing them from squatting with weight, whilst free weights are great to strengthen stabiliser muscles. Remember you can still burn calories and improve muscular endurance from squatting with no weight and it’s also a great way of improving flexibility to your joints.

Squatting on machines can help you to improve different parts of the squat movement. For example, if you are weak in the upper portion of a squat, a V Squat could develop this as the weight load decreases slightly at the top of the exercise.

If you decide to squat on a machine, it’s worth mentioning that you’re still squatting some weight due to the weight of the machine itself. For example, if using a hack squat, you’re still pushing the weight of the carriage and, depending on the brand of the machine, this can vary anywhere between 20kg and 50kg.

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