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Hex Bar – Open

Hex Bar – Olympic bar

  • Olympic
  • Multifunctional


At Complete Gyms, we are proud to offer you this Open Olympic Hex Bar.

-Open Olympic Hex bar
-Fully tested
-Brand New !

Why not load this bar up with Olympic Plates

Check out this video – Video

Exercises to do with a hex / trap bar

Hex Bar Bent-Over Row

The trap bar bent over row is easier on your lower back since the handles are elevated. That means you don’t have to hinge over as far to support the weight. With this move, you’ll be using wider, neutral-grip handles.

This positioning lets you challenge your traps, forearms, biceps, and lats with more weight than you can typically use with a standard barbell. That’s because lifters are usually stronger while using a neutral grip.

Benefits of the hex Bar Bent-Over Row

  • It takes stress off your lower back, and the neutral grip is easier on your elbows.
  • It is also a great accessory exercise for deadlifts, chin-ups, and pull-ups due to the grip demands and hinge position.
  • Challenges your rowing muscles from a different angle than standard barbell row.

How to Do the hex Bar Bent-Over Row

Hinge down and grab either side of the trap bar. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Row the trap bar until the back of the bar almost touches your glutes. Angle your elbows at about 45 degrees throughout the movement. Hold the top position of the row for a beat. Slowly lower the weight back down. Repeat.

Hex Bar Tall-Kneeling Shoulder Press

Not every lifter has the mobility and stability required to do barbell overhead presses. Enter the tall-kneeling shoulder press. The neutral grip is easier on your wrist and elbows, whereas barbells can cause wrist hyperextension.

The tall-kneeling position forces the lifter to actively flex the core muscles to stay upright and stable. You’ll become a more proficient presser and develop killer abs. Sounds like a win-win.

Benefits of the Tall-Kneeling Hex Bar Shoulder Press

  • If there is any instability with your pressing technique, you will receive instant feedback because the tall-kneeling position will force you out of position.
  • The neutral grip makes the lift easier on your upper body joints.
  • A tall-kneeling position strengthens core stability and improves hip mobility.

How to Do the Tall-Kneeling Shoulder Press

Set up the trap bar in the squat rack. Get into a strong tall-kneeling position. Set the pins above shoulder height. Grip the high or low bar handles with your wrists in neutral and grip tight.  Press with control until your elbows are locked out. Pause for a second. Slowly lower back down to the pins. Reset and repeat.

Hex Bar Floor Press

Think of this movement as a hybrid of the regular floor press and the neutral-grip dumbbell press. Pressing from the floor limits the range of motion (ROM), allowing the lifter to move more weight and prevents your shoulders from being overly exerted.

The neutral prip creates a more stable pressing environment, as your wrists, elbows, and shoulders are all stacked over one another for a strong base.

Benefits of the hex Bar Floor Press

  • This move puts less stress on your upper body joints and gives you the ability to add more resistance than the dumbbell variation.
  • If shoulder pain is an issue, this variation allows you to still train the pressing movement in a (possible) pain-free range of motion.
  • Because of minimal lower body involvement and reduced ROM, this variation helps improve your lockout strength.

How to Do the hex Bar Floor Press

Set up the trap bar on the squat rack with flat handles down and the D handles up. Lie on the floor. Grab the flat handles. Unrack the trap bar with your wrists neutral. Slowly lower until your upper arms touch the floor. Press back up until lockout.

Hex Bar Suitcase Carry

Suitcase carries are a great grip and core builder, as you walk with a load in just one hand. It also has real benefits to everyday life. Think about how often you need to carry a ton of groceries with one hand (because your coffee is in the other). Be warned, using the trap bar makes this move more difficult, as the weight is more off-center.

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