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Life Fitness Pro 1 Shoulder Press

  • 95kg Stack
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Life Fitness build quality
  • Dimensions: 60″ L x 52″ W x 64″ H
  • 152cm x 132cm x 162cm


At Completegyms, we are proud to offer you this Life Fitness Pro 1 Shoulder Press.

Why not warm up with Resistance Bands ??

Life Fitness is a great strength and cardio brand geared towards those who want commercial fitness equipment. You’ll find a variety of their products in gyms across the country because they are known for their durability. The brand makes treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and Strength machines.

For Shoulder Press Technique – Check this out – Video

Built to last, the Life Fitness Pro Series line is engineered with the expertise that has made Life Fitness a global leader in advanced strength equipment and provides unstoppable performance beyond all boundaries. The Life Fitness Pro Shoulder Press features a counter-balanced arm for low start weight with traditional and neutral hand grip positions.

The Life Fitness Pro Series is a premium, ergonomically superior, low maintenance strength training circuit that combines sophisticated aesthetics with durable, safe, and reliable design elements. The Pro Series includes: 14 individual upper body machines, 13 individual lower body machines, 3 torso machines, 5 dual pulley machines, a Smith Machine, a Cable Crossover, a Dual Adjustable Pulley, various Multi Jungle configurations, and 2 multi-adjustable benches.

A Life Fitness Pro Shoulder Press is, and can best be described as follows: A Shoulder Press is a plate-loaded or selectorized piece of gym equipment available in variations including: Seated, Military, Overhead, Incline, Behind the Neck, and others, and works the shoulder muscles during Strength Training. The user grasps handles placed at shoulder level and lifts the loaded or selected weight by pushing upward until the arms are fully extended overhead.


The machine shoulder press primarily activates the deltoid muscles of the shoulder. As secondary and mover muscles, this exercise engages the pecs, triceps, and middle back muscles.

The shoulder press machine is an excellent exercise for building bulky shoulders.

It primarily works the deltoids while chipping in on other essential stabilizer muscles like the supraspinatus muscles, rotator cuff, traps, and rhomboid muscles.


Contrary to what many gym-goers think, the shoulder is not made up of a single muscle stretch. It involves the connection and dependence of various muscles in the shoulder to make arm movements. One of such muscles is the deltoid.The deltoid is the thick band of triangular muscle in the upper and most significant part of the body.

The deltoid aids the movement of the arm in all directions and helps in protecting and stabilizing the shoulder joint.

The deltoid is divided into three parts or heads, namely the anterior, medial, and posterior delts. Each deltoid is not only placed differently in the shoulder region but also carries out different functions.The anterior deltoid is so-called because it is located on the front part of the shoulder. It is connected to the clavicle and helps to move the hand forward. It is helpful in functional activities like reaching forward to take a cereal bowl off the kitchen counter.


The deltoid is also used in exercises in the gym that involve the execution of movements like deadlifts and bench presses.Together with the anterior delt, the medial deltoid is one of the primary muscles engaged during the shoulder machine press. The medial delt, also known as the side delt, is the middle head that helps to abduct the arm or move it out towards the side away from the body.

You make use of this muscle when you perform lateral raises.

The medial delt is the most substantial deltoid that provides size and girth. The shoulder press isolates this muscle, stimulating and breaking down its muscle fibers which contributes to bigger and stronger shoulders.


The posterior delt is targeted as a secondary muscle during the shoulder machine press. Compared to its predecessors, it gets only a lower level of stimulation. The posterior deltoid is also known as the rear deltoid, and it is located at the back of the shoulders. Its primary functions are the extension, external rotation, and horizontal abduction of the arms.

It works in sync with the anterior and medial delts to make arm movements and stabilize the shoulders during these movements.

The shoulder machine press engages and strengthens all three deltoid heads, improving your shoulder size, strength, stability, and mobility. It also extends these benefits to the triceps muscle of the arms.


The triceps or triceps brachii is the upper arm muscle that enables the arm to appear big at rest and even bigger when flexed. If you want bigger guns, it is often a good idea to start working on your triceps.Thankfully, the shoulder press activates the triceps as a primary muscle during the shoulder machine press.

However, of all three triceps muscles, this shoulder exercise only primarily activates two, which are the medial and lateral heads.

The medial head of the triceps helps forearm extension at the elbow and stabilizes the elbow joint, while the lateral head provides power for high-intensity movements. The long head, which helps keep your shoulder joint in place, is engaged as a secondary muscle, receiving a lesser degree of stimulation.


The pectoralis major, also fondly called the pecs, are activated during the shoulder press. This thick muscle banded over the chest area makes up the bulk of the chest muscles. It helps with the adduction and rotation of the arm. The shoulder machine press exercise not only works this muscle to strengthen and tighten it, but it also helps to grow it more prominent, contributing to an overall v-taper shape of intimidating size.

The shoulder machine press goes on to engage other supporting muscles like the serratus anterior that contributes to having a broader chest and the movement of the ribs, the long head of the biceps that helps with both abduction and internal rotation of the arms, and the traps for a bigger back with improved shoulder stability.

Essentially, the shoulder machine press targets many of the major muscle groups of the upper body. This helps to improve overall upper body health and strength for better performance at daily activities and in the gym.


The machine shoulder press is a splendid way to build upper body strength. It is a simple movement that is easy to learn and even easier to perfect.

Some of its benefits are:


The machine shoulder press is an isolation exercise at heart. This means that it focuses muscle stimulation directly on the muscles of the shoulders. This direct stimulation helps to break down the muscle fibers, and the regeneration of these fibers produces a stronger and bigger muscle. Most compound exercises of the shoulders recruit other muscle groups, reducing the stimulation to the shoulders as a secondary muscle. The machine shoulder press focuses your energy on the shoulders, leading to bigger shoulders in no time.


Unlike free-weight shoulder presses, the machine shoulder press requires little effort for its execution. It takes away the demand on your muscles, only requiring you to keep the proper form throughout the exercise. It is nothing like other shoulder press variations that require the engagement and activation of core muscles. You do not need to stabilize yourself, and your range of motion has been prepared for you in the marked pathway system of the machine.

If you are not familiar with free-weight shoulder presses, the machine shoulder press is a great foundational exercise to prepare you for other high-intensity workouts.


Although the machine shoulder press primarily isolates the shoulder muscles, it utilizes your arm muscles for movement. This engages the biceps and triceps, which are the most substantial muscles of the arm.

The shoulder machine press activates the biceps and triceps during the movements, leading to bigger and stronger arms.

Since arm strength is a necessity in the gym, it is safe to say that the machine shoulder press is a tremendous low-intensity finisher exercise for your arm day routine.


The chest muscles also get in on the movement. More muscular pecs mean a more intimidating chest size.

The machine shoulder press works the pectoral muscle, strengthening it and resulting in its growth.

It also engages the serratus anterior, whose growth and strengthening contribute to the fifth of the chest. This is a great way to get the v-taper look thirsted after by many gym-goers.

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