Stairmaster HIITMill X with HIIT Console - Self Powered Treadmill

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Price match guarantee

At Completegyms, We are proud to offer you this HIITMILL from Stairamaster.

Product Description

30 years after inventing the StepMill, known worldwide as one of the most challenging work-outs available, Stairmaster have launched the brilliant HIITMill X, self-powered treadmill. Unlike a standard treadmill, the HIITMill X is a self-powered speed and strength training tools designed to build explosive power when used in a High-Intensity Interval Training program. This high-Intensity machine delivers an effective resistance training platform that captures the benefits of speed and agility training, lateral training and sled training. Users can now push, drive and sprint with the resistance of a sled, safely and with a smaller footprint. The easy to use HIITMill allows users to drive up metabolic intensity and make for a more space efficient solution to alternative training methods.

This machine features a multi-grip handrail to allow for a wide range of workout options. The resistance is controlled by an easy to adjust, magnetic breaking system for ultimate durability and the extra wide 23" belt is ideal for lateral training and maximum stability. In addition to the standard HIITMill, the HIITMill X also includes farmers walk handles for weighted carries and additional plate storage.

The recently re-designed and easy to use HIIT console displays your speed, time, distance and calories at a glance. It also features time interval and calorie interval pre-set programs. Finally, the all new HIIT console now features ANT+ and Bluetooth so it can easily connect to your phone for workout tracking or to compatible chest straps for heart rate monitoring.



  • Hand grip for a variety of grip options, drink holder and phone tray
  • Magnetic brake with six resistance levels and stop function
  • Extra wide treadmill carpet (58CM) for lateral training and maximum stability under load
  • The HIITMILL X has "FARMERS CARRY" lifting arms
  • Increased grip and durability owing to the specialist flooring along the tread

HIIT Console

The StairMaster HIIT console makes great HIIT workouts even more effective. Track your workout with detailed metrics, follow one of the built-in workout programs, and connect your phone via Bluetooth to save and share your workout. The console also comes equipped with ANT+ giving you the ability to pair with heart rate trackers and connect to group displays. The HIIT Console comes standard on StairMaster HIIT products.

Advagym by Sony: Advagym (which is an optional retrofit hardware and app solution upgrade) will help your members improve their results and meet their goals. Plus, the web-based admin tool provides valuable insights about machine usage and exerciser preferences, helping your personal trainers understand your members needs. Increase your customer satisfaction and retention.

Equip Your Members: Advagym equips the gym goers with an app and supporting hardware to help them reach their goals. Using an app to track the workout motivates, inspires and makes it fun to exercise. Advagym provides a great introduction to any level of members at a gym with training programs, real time tracking, statistics and workout history.

Boost Your Coaching: Advagym offers a digital platform to coach the members. Personal trainers can help the members with personalized programs, classes, setup bootcamps for groups and follow their progress and give feedback on their training. Advagym comes with a web tool to invite and manage clients, share programs, and communicate with the members.

Optimize Your Business: Through the Advagym service, a facility can be monitored 24/7. The observer tracks utilization data from main units and pucks. Retention data is tracked based on member workout activities using the training app. The gym gets a detailed overview and insights on the performance of the gym with machines, zones and engagement by members.


Length: 1970mm / 77.6in

Width 1400mm / 55in

Height: 1670mm / 65.7in

Product Weight: 195kg / 430lb

Self Powered: Yes

Max User Weight: 159kg / 350lb

Console Type: LCD HIIT Console


This machine comes complete with a 2 year parts & labour warranty.

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