Force USA G6 All-In-One Functional Trainer

Price match guarantee
  • Smith Machine
  • The leg press attachment
  • 2:1 Ratio Functional Trainer
  • 19 height positions
  • Twin independent 100kgs weight stacks
  • 6.2mm nylon coated aircraft quality cables
  • Squat Rack
  • J-Hooks and Front Safeties
  • Leg Press
  • Multi Grip Chin and Pull Up Bar
  • Dips
  • Core Trainer
  • Low Row
  • Suspension Trainer Hook
  • Weight Stacks
  • Extra info: Bench = Force USA SP3 Bench
  • Extra info: 100kg Bumper kit = Olympic Bar, 100kg Crushed Rubber Bumper Plates


Price match guarantee

At Complete Gyms, we are proud to offer you this G6 All-In-One Functional Trainer from Force USA.

Meet the Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer —the original pin and plate loaded All-In-One Trainer.

Experience a variety of workout options normally found in an entire commercial gym in the footprint of a single power rack in your home.

The pin-loaded stack weights are connected to the functional trainer and cable crossover stations from the rear of the structure. Pin loading offers a quick, easy, and safe solution to selecting different weight levels in seconds.

Perform full-body training or break up your training days to focus on upper body or lower body training. Easily switch from split training, circuit training, WOD variations, supersets to endurance training in seconds!

To complete your workout station, why not purchase 100kg Olympic Plates and Force USA FID Bench


Smith Machine

The G6 includes a 350kgs maximum rated smith machine with fixed Olympic sized barbell. The smooth sliding motion is created by the commercial grade guide rails.

Safe lock out and releasing hook mechanism means not having to train with a spotter and provides 12 lock out positions.

The leg press attachment added to the Smith machine bar provides you with a different set of leg exercises such as leg press and calf press.

Please note that the Smith machine works with both Olympic weight plates and standard weight plates.


Why not complete your workout station with Force USA FID Bench and 100kg Olympic Plates

2:1 Ratio Functional Trainer

The fully adjustable functional trainer options allows you to create 100s of different exercise movements for sports specific training, functional training, muscle building and strength training.
19 height positions helps you perform cable exercises from all angles mimicking barbell and dumbbell movements.

Twin independent 100kgs weight stacks built into a 2:1 cable ratio system allows greater flexibility with your training due to the longer cable and finer weight stack increments.


6.2mm nylon coated aircraft quality cables are tested to 2,000lb. Four band pegs are included and assist with increasing resistance for heavy movements such as lat pulldowns. In addition band pegs can be used for assistance so you can take your workouts to the next level.

Squat Rack

The Power Rack component is manufactured from heavy duty rolled steel with both powder coating and clear coating. Power Racks release innumerable barbell and foundational gym exercises. The power rack includes 450 kgs capacity J-Hooks and Front Safeties which can be adjusted to any of 16 height positions you need.

High-end quality J-Hooks and Front Safeties include removable rubber polymer jackets to look after your barbell knurling.

Leg Press

Work your legs, quads, inner thighs and glutes from different angles The extra large checkered footplate design means that you can use the non slip leg press with a wide or narrow stance.

Safety enhanced checker plate construction enhances safety and ensures a slip free surface so you can be more confident in your leg exercises.

Handles attached to the leg press frame It's easier to move around, attach and remove.

Multi Grip Chin and Pull Up Bar

Experience the proven FORCE USA ergonomic multi-grip chin up / Pull Up station which you see on almost all of the FORCE USA power racks. This knurled grip ergonomic design allows you to perform pull ups, chin ups, wide grip pull ups, neutral grip pull ups and angled pull ups.


Two Different grip positions target different areas of your pecs. Narrow grip for inner chest and triceps, wide grip targeting more of the outside of the chest.

Multiple adjustable height on the power rack gives you 17 height position options. You can also use weight belts or resistance bands to intensify your workout.

Core Trainer

Free landmine core trainer attachment allows you to incorporate functional torso and rotational training into your workout. Perform many different exercise variations. Please note the barbell is NOT included and must be purchased separately.

Low Row

By using the knee holder as an anchor for your feet, you can create a low row station on either side of the G6. The G6 includes a wide grip and narrow grip rowing handle.

Suspension Trainer Hook

Suspension trainer ring allows you to attach a suspension trainer to add a new dimension to your core and functional training. The suspension trainer ring can also be used for creating assistance for bodyweight exercises together with a power band.

Weight Stacks

Running out of weight on the 2:1 Cable ratio functional trainer? No worries, we have it covered! Simply attach a set of power bands to the band pegs to increase the resistance or to add a new dynamic resistance to your functional training workout. Unlike normal resistance created by weight which is constant, the power bands increase in resistance.

G6 Handles and Accessories

A set of exceptionally high quality cable and functional trainer handles and accessories

  • Multi-grip Pull up Chin-up Bar
  • Exercise Workout Chart
  • Polymer Protective J-Hooks
  • Front safeties
  • Land Mine
  • Double Ended Functional Training Bar
  • Spade Bar Lat Pull-down Bar
  • Short Straight Bar
  • Tricep V Bar Close Grip Handle
  • Functional Training Single Ended Sport Handle
  • V-bar Handle
  • Metal Stirrup Handles
  • Pull-down Rope Handle
  • Abdominal Belt
  • Multi-grip Dip Handles
  • Leg Press + Low Row Foot Plate
  • Pull-down Knee Holder
  • Olympic Barbell Storage
  • Storage for Attachments
  • 2 x Olympic Lock Collars
  • 4 x Band Pegs
  • 6 x Weight Plate Holders
  • 6 x Olympic Spring Clips
  • 2 x Extension Chains
  • 4 x Spring Snap Clips
  • Suspension Training Ring

Force USA G6

  • Effortless Room of Choice Delivery in UK Mainland
  • 2 Year Cable and Pulley Warranty, can be extended to 6 years
  • 35 Exercise Chart
  • 8 accessory handles
  • Free leg press plate included
  • Dip handles included
  • Free Core Trainer / Landmine attachment.
  • Free knee support for lat pulldown
  • Suspension belt stirrup for suspension trainer or supporting power bands
  • Professional installation available.
  • Dedicated Force USA strength equipment importers and Professionals
  • International lifetime frame warranty


72 in (W) x 64 in (D) x 91 in (H)
36 in (W) x 56.5 in (D) x 83.5 in (H)
Weight Rating:
Unit: 992 lb
Smith Machine: 772 lb
Chin-up: 772 lb
Pulley Ratio:
2:1 => with 100 lb loaded, resistance is 50 lb
6.2mm nylon coated mil-spec aircraft quality cable tested to 2000 lb
Weight Capacities:
Smith Machine: 360kgs
Chin Bar: 350kgs
Front Safeties: 450kgs
J-Hooks: 450kgs
Suspension Trainer Stirrup: 150kgs
Dip Bars: 350kgs

Questions & Answers

Q: How does the G6 compare to the G12?

In addition to offering a wider interior working space, the Force USA G12 offers a counterbalanced smith machine bar that counteracts the weight of the bar. The pulley ratio is a 1:1 ratio which means that if you have 100 lbs loaded the resistance is 100 lbs. The G6 is 2:1 which means that if you have 100 lbs loaded the resistance is only 50 lbs.

Q: Does it come with a bench or a barbell?

No, it doesn't. Benches and barbells are available for purchase separately on this website.

Q: Does it come with weights?

Yes, it includes 2 x 220 lb. weight stacks for the functional trainer. However, the smith machine requires additional bumper plates available for purchase separately on this website.

Q: What size weights fit this unit

The barbell on the smith machine uses Olympic plates.

Q: Does the Leg Press attachment come with it?

Yes, it does.

Q: Can I do lat pull downs on the G6?

Yes, you can. The G6 includes a knee holder attachment and a lat pulldown bar.

Q: Are the cable crossovers far enough apart to work your chest effectively during flyes?

The pulley uprights are 41 inches apart. The pulleys freely rotate on the uprights so if you stand outside of the cage you can effectively start your flyes at a wider angle as needed.

Q: What is the shipping weight?

The shipping weight of the G6—including boxes, packing materials and pallet—is approximately 940 lbs. It is delivered in 2 seperate boxes by a freight trucking company.

Q: Can I do squats using the spotter arms or the smith machine?

Yes, you can use both. You can squat with your own barbell using the J-Hooks and Spotter Arms outside of the rack. You can also use the safety hooks and stoppers that are built into the Smith Machine.

Q: What is the pulley ratio?

The pulley ratio is 2:1. This means if you have 100 lbs loaded the resistance is 50 lbs.

Q: What is the minimum ceiling height I need

The minimum ceiling height to be able to do a full pull up with your head above the bar is about 8' 4".

Q: Does it come assembled?

No, this unit requires assembly. All necessary tools and instructions are included in the box. In addition, we offer an installation option at additonal cost which can be arranged via phone, email or Whatsapp message.

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