Force USA G20 All In One Trainer

  • 29 High Quality Laser Cut & Detailed Attachments and add ons worth over £2000
  • Knurling standard on most attachments and dip bar
  • 35 Exercise Chart
  • Stabilising Footplates with bolt holes
  • Three chin bars, 2 Globe Chin bars on sides and front facing multigrip
  • 14 Smith Machine Lock Off Points = More positions
  • 3 Heavy 130kg Weight Stacks (2 Side Based Functional and 1 Rear Based Lat Pulldown)
  • Westside Barbell Spacing = Many Flexible and Relevant Launching Positions
  • Positioned and stable "Booty Builder" bench attached for Hip Thruster movements.
  • Calf Block for Calf Raises
  • Monolifts
  • Commercial Roller J Hooks add life to your Olympic Bar
  • Beautiful Chromed Weight Plate Holder Sleeves and Smith Sleeves.
  • Suspension Belt Stirrup
  • Dynabolt holes for increasing safety by bolting the G20 down
  • 3 is not a crowd, 3 users at once is possible.
  • Size Assembled (LxWxH) W/D/H 191cm by 170cm by 231 cm. Internal working area: 111cm.
  • Product Weight Base unit : 650kgs
  • Extra info: Bench = Force USA SP3 Bench
  • Extra info: 100kg Bumper kit = Olympic Bar, 100kg Crushed Rubber Bumper Plates



At Completegyms, We are proud to offer you this Force USA G20 Commercial All-In-One Trainer

Smith Machine

With a 450 kgs Weight Capacity Commercial Smith Machine & commercial grade guide rails give you a frictionless experience.

Fitted with commercial sealed bearings and safe lock & release mechanics and safety catch allowing you to max out your training without the need for a spotter.

14 Racking Height Positions and a high storage lock off position.

Cable Functional Trainer (twin 130kgs weight stacks)

The 1:1 Functional Trainer component allows you to perform over 100 different exercises.

Features 21 adjustable height positions to perform shoulder, arms, chest, back, core and leg exercises. Easily adjusted with a single hand.

Twin 130kgs weight stacks with a 1:1 cable ratio connected by high tensile aircraft grade cables (2000lbs).

Squat Rack

The 3mm/ 11 gauge steel tubing Power Rack component includes Westside Spacing with 51 numbered positions to fit most exercises and user heights.

Commercial Roller J-Hooks to protect your barbell when moving or “centering” your Olympic barbell. Polymer coated J-Hooks, Front Safeties and a set of Monolifts with 450 kgs weight rating.

Low Row

Low rows can be performed with the dedicated low row, lat pulldown and dip station, or by improvising with the leg press plate on the 2 stack base unit.

Lat Pulldown

You can perform lat pulldowns in at least three ways. Firstly you can order the optional lat pulldown, low row, dip unit which provides a third 130kgs weight stack to the rear of the machine. This is the most common way.

Secondly lat pulldowns can be performed within the functional trainer on one side of the functional trainer.

You can also link a bar such as the double ended functional bar to both of the cables and perform the lat pulldown in the centre of the machine.
Three lat pulldown handles are included in the base unit including a straight bar, multi-grip, and sawtooth bar option.

Leg Press

The extra wide leg press attachment is included with the package of the base unit.

Black powder coated finish and checker plate non slip surface. The leg press utilises the Smith machines 14 staring and lockout positions.

The large footplate design means that you can use the leg press with a wide or narrow stance.

Handles attached to the leg press frame It's easier to move around, attach and remove.

Multi Grip Chin and Pull Up Bars

Three chin bars! The proven FORCE USA ergonomic multi-grip chin up / Pull Up station with 350 kgs use weight, on the front of the rack. In addition on each side there are Globe Multi Grip chins bars for multiple users. Allow you to perform pull ups, chin ups, wide grip pull ups, neutral grip pull ups and angled pull ups. Three people can chin at the same time!

Core Trainer

Core trainer/ landmine attachment catering for numerous forms of functional, rotational core / torso training. The core trainer releases a number of both upper body and lower body unique exercises. An optional Olympic barbell is required to use this. It can be attached to either side of the base to help you optimize your home gym or studio gym space.

Versa Pad Station (“Booty Builder Bench”)

The “Booty Bench” padded plank bench, allows a number of lower body, core and hip movements. Fits onto the main frame of the power rack to permit step-ups, hip thrusts, bench squats, plyo pushes, split squats, bent rows, tricep dips, single-leg lunges, and many more. DuraCore™ high-density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop VorTex™ Upholstery.

Calf Raise

Work out your calves, stretch your calves, build your calves, using the new calf block attachment. Improve balance, strength and stability in your ankles.

Weight Stacks

Never run out of weight again with the 1:1 cable ratio 130kgs (289lbs) weight stacks. 2 are included with the main base unit and an additional optional weight stack with the optional lat pulldown, low row dip station.

Precision laser cut weight stacks with convenient magnetic selector pins. Think you need more resistance on this 130kg 1:1 weight stack? Then add a set of power bands attaching to the 4 band pegs on the top and bottom of the weight stack.

Best in Range Accessories

A set of exceptionally high quality cable and functional trainer handles and accessories
Lat Pulldown bar, 2 Metal D- Handles, 2 Nylon D- Handles, Tricep Rope, Tricep V Bar, Short Straight Bar, Double ended straight bar, close grip row handle, extension chains, spring collars 50mm, Oly lock collar, core trainer, leg press plate, 1 Multi Grip Chin Bar, 2 Globe Grip Multi Grip Chin Bars, exercise chart, J-Hooks with Polymer Barbell Protection, Front Safety Spotter Arms, Band Pegs, Booty Builder Pad, Monolift, SawTooth Adjustable Bar, Hammer Grip Bar, Calf Block, Knee Support for Lat Pulldown, Dip Handles (only with Lat & Low Row Attachment).

The G20 All-In-One Trainer is Ideal For:

  • Professional Workouts, Personal Trainers, Gym Owners Requiring Commercial Functional Trainer Grade
  • You want to work with multiple people at the same time
  • Serious and strong 1:1 Cable Ratio. For more flexible 2: ratio functional training look at the G6.
  • You want even heavier weight stacks than the G12 (130kgs each).
  • You Want the Most and Best Accessories 29 High Quality Laser Cut & Detailed Attachments and add ons worth over £2000
  • You Want the Biggest and Best in the Force USA Range
  • You want a walk through design

The G20 All-In-One Trainer IS NOT Ideal For:

  • Ceiling Height under 233cm
  • Minimum Room Width recommended 300cm
  • Beginners and less powerful people
  • Sports specific functional training (see the G6)
  • Weight Restrictions on the floor of less than 600kgs
  • You want finer increments on the weight stacks (See the G6).

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