Force USA Folding MyRack SpaceSaver Foldable Power Rack


Trying to complete a power workout in a small space is no fun.

For years only those people in the UK lucky enough to have a big house or room could enjoy the massive benefits and innovation and flexibility of the Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack. To enjoy a foldable power rack often means compromising the power rack build and quality. Force USA became a household gym equipment brand in the UK with the "VersaRack XL Power Rack System". For the last two years the Force USA Team has been working on a worthy replacement for the VersaRack XL Power Rack System".

Enter the Force USA Folding MyRack SpaceSaver Foldable Power Rack: the perfect hybrid from two legendary Force USA Power Racks including the Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack System and VersaRack XL Power Rack System

Now the new Force USA MyRack compact Spacesaver folding MyRack solves the problem. A foldable AND fully customisable space saving power rack! A full size power rack with numerous accessory options and the convenience of being foldable. Its the UK home gym owners dream.

Built on the framework on the now legendary Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack design which has taken the world by storm. A light commercial quality foldable space saving power rack, with a compact foot print.

54 numbered adjustment points for the safeties and J Hooks

Effortless and quick assembly. Simply use swing out the uprights and drop the chin bar in place.

Laser Cut 12 Gauge Steel means a precision forged power rack
Westside Barbell Spacing - Laser cut steel construction, the westside barbell spacing gives you the ability to micro-adjust the heights of your JHook and Safeties.
Over 50+ Different Configurations - Customize your MyRack SpaceSaver with your choice of optional attachments including, J-Hooks, Safeties, Monolift, Dip handles, Weight plate holders and Landmine attachment.
Safety – Independently tested to AS/NZS 1170 structural safety standards.- The MyRack Spacesaver has been engineered and tested to meet our rigorous safety standards and weight ratings. So you’re guaranteed the safest, highest quality power rack available.
Perform over 50 different exercise variations including compound and band exercises.

Easy assembly due to common bolts, very few tool changes needed

Leave your Olympic Weight Plates on the weight plate holders when you fold your Force USA MyRack SpaceSaver in and out. Leave around 20cm behind the back of the rack.

No need to drill holes or attach the Force USA MyRack SpaceSaver to the wall. The units stands up al on its own.


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