Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer

Price match guarantee


  • All Rounder Barbell
  • Smith Machine
  • Functional Trainer with 2:1 Ratio
  • Squat Rack Power Rack
  • Multi Grip Chin and Pull Up Bar
  • Dips
  • Core Trainer
  • T-Bar Rowing
  • Low Row
  • Weight Stacks
  • Weight Capacities
  • Smith Machine: 300kgs
  • Dip Bars: 200kgs
  • J-Hooks: 300kgs
  • Front Safeties: 300kgs
  • Chin Bar: 300kgs
  • Extra info: Bench = Force USA SP3 Bench
  • Extra info: 100kg Bumper kit = Olympic Bar, 100kg Crushed Rubber Bumper Plates


Price match guarantee

At Completegyms, We are proud to offer you this F100 Functional Trainer by Force USA.

Designed and engineered to be robust, solid and versatile enough to create a variety of workouts for the most demanding of trainers.

The Force USA F100 is a light commercial rack designed to cover the four most popular machines in a commercial gym, whilst taking up less space than a single piece of equipment.

This highly compact fitness machine has been engineered to be used in a light commercial gym facility, personal training studio, hotel, school or as a premium home gym solution.

It comes with a lifetime frame warranty, two-year cable and pulley warranty, with every part thoroughly tested.

Take this opportunity to incorporate a machine with so many features at the best price.

Thanks to Force USA you can have the opportunity to enjoy a quality workout at the best price!


Why not complete your workout station with Force USA FID Bench and 100kg Olympic Plates

All Rounder Barbell

Specially designed custom build "All Rounder" barbell included FREE. This is a wider barbell which fits the wider than normal internal footprint of the Force USA F50 Plate Load Multi Functional Trainer. The bar is 217cm long and has an inside collar space of 135cm.

Smith Machine

The Smith machines provides a safer way to train at home when compared to a normal squat rack or power rack. With 10 lock out positions you can rerack the Smith bar safe;y when you run out of steam. Add to those the local out points, the fact that you have Smith Machine safeties to catch a dropped bar. Commercial grade guide rails give you a safe and frictionless experience.

Functional Trainer with 2:1 Ratio

The 2:1 Cable Ratio Functional Trainer allows you to perform over 75 different exercises. Features 18 adjustable height positions.
Twin independent 100kgs weight stacks built into a 2:1 cable ratio system allows greater flexibility with your training due to the longer cable and finer weight stack increments. 10kgs on the weight stack = 5kgs effective weight. Want to go heavier? See G12 for 1:1 Cable ratio

6.2mm nylon coated aircraft quality cables are tested to 2,000lb.

Squat Rack Power Rack

A power rack should be a central part of your home gym training and the Force USA F100 gives you a power rack, with front safeties, J-Hooks and a comfortable 400kgs capacity.

16 different height positions for the J-Hooks and Front safeties means that you can set this rack up for nearly every different height configuration for different users and exercises. High-end quality J-Hooks and Front Safeties include polyurethane coating to keep your barbell knurling protected.

YOU also get a FREE All Rounder Olympic barbell, which you would normally have had to pay for. This Olympic bar has been specifically custom designed for the extra wide footprint and internal working area of the F100.

Multi Grip Chin and Pull Up Bar

The FORCE USA F100 Multi Functional Trainer includes an ergonomic multi-grip chin up / Pull Up station with 350 kgs use weight. This ergonomic design allows you to perform pull ups, chin ups, wide grip pull ups, reverse grip pull ups.


Work your pecs with this basic exercise movement for strong and powerful pecs. Two Different grip positions target different areas of your pecs. Narrow grip for inner chest and triceps, wide grip targeting more of the outside of the chest.

Multiple adjustable height on the power rack gives you multiple height position options. You can also use weight belts or resistance bands to intensify your workout.

Core Trainer

Free landmine core trainer attachment allows you to incorporate functional torso and rotational training into your workout. Perform many different exercise variations. Please note the custom length barbell IS included as it has been specifically designed for this machine's more generous internal working area.

T-Bar Rowing

The T Bar handle fits onto the core trainer and provides one of the most popular basic foundation exercises in the gym. The custom length barbell is included in the package! No need to purchase a separate barbell.

Low Row

A low Row foot plate is included on the base of the unit.

Weight Stacks

Twin 100kgs weight stacks make choosing the next resistance level effortless. With the 2:1 cable ratio you have so many weight increments available at a finer level.

The F100 All-In-One Trainer is Ideal and NOT ideal for:

  • Professional Workout space is limited. You need and All-In-One Machine
  • You need Light commercial quality with weight stacks
  • You want a 2:1 ratio functional training option with a longer cable with more exercise options
  • You want finer increments on the weight stack.
  • Sports specific functional training and rehabilitation.
  • You want the FREE Custom Length Barbell.#

NOT ideal for:

  • Ceiling Height under 235cm
  • Very heavy strength training for users needing weight stacks over 50kgs .
  • Weight Restrictions on the floor of less than 500kgs
  • You want the functional training handles (See G6).
  • You want a leg press (See G6, G12, G20)



  • Crate :220cm x 62cm x 44cm
  • Assembled :210cm (width of smith) x 175cm (depth) x 232 cm (Height)
  • Tube Sizing: 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm


This Force USA F100 comes with full and complete manufacturer’s warranty.

Normally (with exceptions specified on the product page) they are:


  • Domestic Products: 2 years labour, 3 years electrical parts, 5 years motor and a lifetime in the structure


  • Commercial products: 1 year labour, 2 years electrical parts, 3 years motor and a lifetime in the structure.


Every day we receive thousands of requests to equip commercial gyms with domestic machines. We always make 100% clear that the domestic warranty is not valid for a commercial gym, however small it may be. Please keep in mind that if you buy a domestic machine and put it in a commercial environment, the warranty won´t cover any type of damage.

If you need any clarification, do not hesitate to call us and we will indicate the most suitable machines according to your needs. We are here to help!

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