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Granuflex Rubber Glue

Granuflex Rubber Glue

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Granuflex has an extremely broad range of products. How wide is our offer, there is an important similarity: it is practical and efficient products that are perfect for connecting, installing and protecting products, people and environments. Discover the versatility of the Granuflex range. All properties are detailed by product obtained from Granuflex.



Granuflex® rubber glue is specially developed for Granuflex® rubber tiles and is ideal for gluing, fitting or sealing. This product can be used instead of assembly adhesive, PU adhesive, silicone cement, sanitary cement, acrylate cement or butylene cement.310 ml per tube 450 gramsGranuflex® rubber glue has the following properties and advantages:• Super-strong, permanently elastic, unique bonding • Adhesive and/or (sealing) cement • Can be painted over immediately after skin formation (outside layer) • Rapid curing under influence of air humidity • Solvent-free • Permanently flexible and excellent ageing properties • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, UV- resistant and non-shrink • Odourless, non-toxic, solvent-free • Usable between + 5º C and + 25º C • One tube is sufficient for laying approximately 15 m2 of tilesSuitable for:• Granuflex® rubber tiles • Gluing plinths, slats, panels, windowsills, laths, etc. • Durable sealing of cracks, seams and joints • Adheres to wood, concrete, stone, metal or plastic


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