Power Plate Pro5 AIRdaptive + Free Accessory Pack

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Power Plate Pro5 AIRdaptive + Free Accessory Pack

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The Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive is the most versatile of all the Power Plate vibration exercisers, and is perfect for a family with varying fitness needs. The unique ‘AIRdaptive’ feature allows the user to choose from 3 different air settings, according to the users body weight. For further customization, the user can choose from three time settings, and set the vibration frequency anywhere between 25 and 50 Hz.

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The Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive comes with an extra-large plate surface for maximum health gains, and a commercial grade warranty of 3 years. The machine weight is 158 kg, and the Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive can handle a maximum user weight of 227 kg.
The Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive is the most versatile home-use vibration exerciser in the entire Power Plate series. It is ideal for home environments which have different users with widely differing requirements and fitness levels. Besides, the machine incorporates top quality engineering, and is both durable and reliable.
The pro5 AIRdaptive, like the other Power Plate exercisers, makes use of the award-winning Acceleration Training technology, to help its users boost their fitness levels. The principle involved in this exercise system is known as full-body vibration training. What happens is that the machine vibrates in three different direction zones simultaneously, and this stimulates the body’s natural vibration response system. Essentially, this is what causes a variety of fitness gains. The health benefits of the Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive include an increase in muscular strength and flexibility, an improved range of motion, faster recovery from injury, better blood circulation and decreased cellulite. Users can begin to gain measurable benefits in just 3 fifteen minute sessions over the course of a week. This is what makes Power Plate a popular name with people who have busy and inactive lifestyles.
However, the beauty of the AIRdaptive is its versatility. It has been built to serve people of all fitness levels, even those who are already involved with strength conditioning routines. It offers the choice of three different air settings. The first level is ideal for people under 60kg, the second one for people between 60-90 kg, and the third level for users who weigh above 90 kg. The maximum load capacity of the machine is 227 kg. It also comes with a very wide frequency range of 25 to 50 Hz, and the user has the option of single-point adjustments, to set the level at any number between 25 and 50. Users will also appreciate the three different time settings (30,45 or 60 seconds) and the extra-large plate surface, which exposes the body to more vibrations.
The Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive is a compact machine with dimensions of 87 x 107 x 156 cm, and it requires a power outlet. The weight of the machine is 158 kg and it comes with a commercial grade warranty of 3 years.

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