CNP PRO MS - 15 Sachets

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CNP PRO MS - 15 Sachets

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Why are you buying a meal replacement powder that was made for a man? Most companies simply remove some protein and carbohydrates from their standard meal replacers, that were formulated for males athletes, then stamp the word “Lite” on the label and expect women to buy it. The word “Lite” does not signify that the product was formulated for a woman’s body…it only indicates that some nutrients were removed from the men’s product. ProMs is the only meal replacement powder in the sports nutrition industry that has been developed specifically for women



When CNP set out to develop a meal replacer for women, they purposely started out with a new formula and used only those nutrients that were targeted for a woman’s body and metabolism. This unique formula results in the best meal replacement on the market made specifically for active, healthy women. ProMs is a comprehensive nutritional strategy for high intensity athletes, women exposed to high stress situations, and women just starting out to change their body shape. ProMs has been formulated to assist in producing more lean tissue and to stimulate the body to burn off unwanted fatty tissue so that women can obtain an attractive, fit body shape. ProMs is packed with high quality, cutting edge ingredients. Every ingredient has been chosen for function without regard for expense. While others use less expensive, refined starches and sugars, we use only whole grain, mixed, complex carbohydrate sources – Flax Seed Meal, Rice Meal and Oat Meal. The protein blend is unique – a whey protein that is concentrated from skim milk to maximize the bioactive protein content, not the cheese whey proteins that you will find in other meal replacements. A milk protein that has been cultured to contain live, active probiotic (friendly) organisms – bifidus, acidophilus, and yogurt organisms – that will help to improve efficiency of digestion and to maximize absorption of essential nutrients. Soy protein that also contains isoflavones. One protein blend has also been formulated for the human body, with a ratio of whey proteins to micellar casein that is close to that ratio found in human maternal milk. A unique mixture of cutting edge ingredients and extracts has then been added, including green tea extract, maitake mushroom meal, CLA, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These ingredients have been shown in studies to contribute significant antioxidant properties that could be especially beneficial to the long term health of women. CNP have also added new, relatively unknown ingredients, jojoba extract, and raspberry essence. These ingredients have been shown to assist the body in burning fat and resculpting shape. Change your life! Change your body! Add Pro Ms to your daily diet and you will see the difference