CNP Pro-MR - 20 Sachets

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CNP Pro-MR - 20 Sachets

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Pro-MR, meal replacement powder, was developed under the supervision of six times Mr.Olympia, Dorian Yates, and is deserving of his approval. In Dorian's opinion, Pro-MR is the best meal replacement powder on the sports nutrition market.



* Pro-MR is packed with viable probiotic (friendly) organisms to assist people on high protein diets with more efficient protein absorption by promoting a healthier digestive system (a patent pending feature). The health benefits of bifidus, acidophilus, and yoghurt organisms have been well documented over many years and are especially helpful to people on high protein diets.
* Pro-MR contains a custom manufactured, high fraction whey protein. This high fraction whey protein is manufactured by a process which maximises the bioactive fractions.
* Pro-MR contains Low Temperature Processed Micellar Casein. It's anti-catabolic!
* Pro-MR contains only peptide bonded glutamine at a supplemental level that was determined in one recent study to improve muscle tissue growth. A recent study suggested glutamine, in efficaious quantities, will help to increase muscle tissue growth. However, that same study concluded that if L-glutamine (a free amino acid) is consumed at the same time as other proteins or amino acids, the L-glutamine has no effect on muscle growth. A peptide bonded amino acid, such as L-glutamine, in the presence of other proteins or amino acids because peptide bound amino acids are absorbed via a less competitive absorption mechanism.
* Sustained Release of Proteins which results in better net nitrogen utilization, less wasted protein, and less catabolism.