Reflex Colostrum - 100 caps

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Reflex Colostrum - 100 caps

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Mother Nature's Immune Wonder. Colostrum, which is also called first milk, is one of the oldest and most exceptional foods that can be found in nature. It is as old as motherhood itself, for colostrum is milk of any mammalian in the first 24 hours after birth. The effective substances that are present in the first milk are found nowhere else in nature in such high, perfectly balanced concentrations as only nature can do. Colostrum is important for the nutrition, growth and development of newborn infants and contributes to the immunologic defense of the neonates.



The components

Amino acids

Amino acids are life-supporting proteins for cell metabolism and cell recovery. A deficiency in amino acids means disturbances in growth, delay in wound healing and healing of inflammations, general weakness of the immune system. The supply of amino acids leads provision of energy on the physical and also the psychic level and has therefore an important influence on the physical and mental performance.


Immunoglobulins are of importance in the human organism for the prevention and the defence from infections and are important in the inhibition of inflammations. It was proved that the high content of immunoglobulins in the colostrums support the body's own immune system effectively.

Natural growth factors

Natural growth factors influence the metabolism of the body positively, so that cell proliferation is promoted in some cells while it is inhibited in others. As one growthy factor for example protects the protein mantle of the muscle cell another growth factor inhibits the growth of a transformed cell as may as be the case with cancer cells. At the same time other growth factors are capable of influencing the immune systems to increase the bodies own ability to produce immunoglobulins against viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Vitamins mean a supposition for regular protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. They always have to be present in sufficient amount. Nowadays the results of lack of vitamins are known to almost everybody.

The immune factors of colostrum

The beginning of almost infections and degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart diseases is accompanied by a lowered immune function prior to the disease. Studies have shown that colostrum contains highly effective immune factors which help to restore the immune function.
It was proved by clinical studies that the colostrum enhances the interactive immune system. At the same time it also aides in balancing the over-active immune system as is the case with autoimmune diseases - condition in which the body attacks itself.

Most of the antibodies present in the colostrum are not absorbed but stay in the intestinal tract and can attack the diseases-causing organisms there. This preventive action allows to act against the micro-organisms before that they penetrate the defense mechanisms of the body.

The growth factors

It was demonstrated that the growth factors present in the colostrum can repair the mucous membranes of the intestine and prevent further damage.
Clinical studies have shown, that the growth factors in colostrums can help the body to:
- repair life supporting DNA and RNA
- balance blood sugar
- speed up normal growth of aged or injured muscle, bone, cartilage, skin-collagen, nerve cells, oral mucous cells and the repair of them.
- burn fat of energy instead of muscle tissue during fasting or reduced diet
- heal burns, surgical wounds, skin injuries and inflammations of the mucous membranes of the mouth at external application.
- control infections and pains from sensitive teeth or after dental work.
- regulate blood sugar and functions as brain food which leads to higher concentration and alertness
- regulate the chemicals in the brain which are responsible for good moods (serotonin, dopamines and endorphines)
The studies show the unique ability of the colostrum to support normal cell growth, cell repair and the healing of trauma. They further show that colostrum promises unique new possibilities in rejuvenescence. They may be a fountain of youth after all.

Reflex Colostrum capsules are made only from freeze dried (not spray dried, which is damaging to Colostrum) Colostrum which is standardised to contain 35% IgG