CNP Pro-Vital - 30 Servings

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CNP Pro-Vital - 30 Servings

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Pro Vital: the first essential nutrient formula designed for the serious athlete!

For most, taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement is simply an attempt at covering all the bases. However, all commercially available products fail to do this because they cannot meet the substantial demands of the serious athlete. When offered in the right format, such a product can contribute greatly to the productiveness of your training, not only by improving your health, but also by improving performance and assisting recovery.




Pro-Vital is more than just another multivitamin/mineral product, totally holistic; it represents the most advanced formula available today. The latest scientific studies have shown that some nutrients adversely affect the absorption of others when taken together, certain minerals are particularly susceptible to this problem. Hence, all currently available formulas are inherently low in bioavailability. Pro-Vital is the first and only product that has overcome this pitfall by separating antagonistic nutrients into an ideal AM/PM format!
The perfectly balanced ratios of vitamins will augment metabolism and optimize recovery. Potent dosages of antioxidants have been included to limit the muscle damage caused by free radicals, - the harmful by-products of your intense workouts. The proprietary multimineral matrix provides a sequenced delivery of highly bioavailable minerals and trace elements.

The PM formula contains a full one months supply of the legitimate patented ZMA, recognized for it's scientifically proven anti-catabolic and testosterone boosting properties.

Finally in recognition of the hazards facing some athletes, high dosages of liver protection factors, like Milk Thistle Extract and Evening Primrose Oil, have been added to promote healthy liver function. The benefits from this include improved lipid profile, cardiovascular health, and protein and carbohydrate metabolism along with augmentation of natural hormone production!