CNP Pro-Recover - 1289 Grams (16 Servings)

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CNP Pro-Recover - 1289 Grams (16 Servings)

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CNP Pro Recover contains a perfect blend of fast acting carbohydrates and fast acting protein along with high amounts of BCAA's to make sure recovering is easy and effective.

I have used this product on many occasions and i found the taste and mixability to be superb, there were no lumps when shaken and it went down very easily, leaving no bloat or bad after taste



Scientific research shows us that the period immediately following training may be the most important time for potentiating the results. This is the key time to intercept the result-limiting anticatabolic processes initiated by your intense workouts. Yet, through inconvenience or habit, many bodybuilders fail to take advantage of this critical window of opportunity.

Post-workout nutrition is all about precision; too much protein and you will induce metabolic acidosis, thereby blunting any anabolic response and elevating catabolic hormones. If too "complex" a source of protein is used, synthesis will not be fast enough to make the difference.

Pro Recover is the long-awaited response to this situation. Specific amounts of high glycemic carbohydrates create the necessary insulin spike to deal with the catabolic hormone, cortisol. Easily absorbed di and tripeptide amino acids combine to maximize the anabolic drive process, rapidly restoring positive nitrogen balance. High concentrations of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) replenish a depleted amino acid pool and delay fatigue between regular bouts of exertion, making this also the ideal product for the competition environment (e.g. track and field, powerlifting, strongman, etc). Antioxidants act to limit the muscle damage induced by post-workout free radicals. Finally, the adaptogenic herbs Rhodiola rosea and Ginkgo biloba are included, commonly employed by soviet coaches to lower the systemic stress of high training workloads in Olympic athletes.