BSN CellMass - 640 grams

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BSN CellMass - 640 grams

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CELLMASS® is BSN®'s post-workout/nighttime recovery agent, designed to promote muscle recovery, power and endurance.* When the hard work in the gym, in the ring, or on the court is done, that's when CELLMASS® goes to work.

To be the best, recovery from training is a must. In addition to supporting high-energy compounds such as creatine phosphate, ATP and glycogen, CELLMASS® supports electrolyte balance, all of which helps with fatigue and overall work capacity.* That is why it is said,"The CELLMASS® you take today, is the CELLMASS® you feel tomorrow."



Promotes strength, endurance, recovery and muscle mass*
Supports carnosine*
Supports work capacity*
Promotes ATP recycling and energy*
May support creatine absorption*
Promotes protein synthesis*
Helps protect against protein damage from intense training*
Promotes muscle sparing*
Helps maintain blood glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels already within the normal range*
Supports phosphates*
Promotes ATP*
Promotes electrolyte balance*