Reflex Peptide Fusion 2.1kg

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Reflex Peptide Fusion 2.1kg

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Many brands claim to offer a flagship blended protein that is market leading but conceal the most important aspects of the formulation.  Peptide Fusion sets an unbeaten standard for a blended protein by using the very highest quality ingredients in optimised ratios.  It includes the finest preferentially selected whey protein, chosen for its superior levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids and higher levels of protein, the finest, cold processed ultra filtered milk protein providing undenatured micellar casein along with the purest egg white protein available on the market.  These are all assayed in the lab with custom manufactured flavourings, natural colourings and an absence of salt, artificial colouring and indeed anything that represents a compromise to health.

Perhaps more importantly, we clearly state the ratios of the main 3 superior proteins so that you know exactly how much of each protein source has been used.  This is opposed to the secret ‘proprietary blend’ approaches that are sometimes nothing more than a low quality and low cost mix of milk, egg and cheap soy. You can nearly always tell by looking at the ingredients list.  If whey protein appears first then the majority of the protein in the tub will be whey protein because legally ingredients have to be listed in order of quantity. That is not necessarily what you want if you are buying a blend for its time release properties.  Ideally you would want to see micellar casein first on the ingredient list. Peptide Fusion contains a blend of 33:33:33 Micellar Casein, Egg White Isolate and undenatured whey protein with all protein fractions present and proven by lab assay. The formulation is finished in a base of glutamine peptides and digestive enzymes and Lactospore pro-biotics for their health focused benefits relating to gut health.




Each of the three proteins has its own inherent benefits and digests at a different rate offering prolonged anabolic support;
Micellar casein
Perhaps the least processed of all milk derived proteins, micellar casein is a very pure product which is highly sought after in the bodybuilding community. Skimmed milk is ultra filtered to provide undenatured micellar casein proteins without the use of acids or processing methods that could change the fragile micelle structures.  It is slow digesting protein.

Egg white protein isolate
Egg white has a biological value of 100 (only whey beats it with a score of 104). It is absorbed by the body at a medium rate of digestion providing all essential amino acids for growth and repair. It contains virtually no fat or carbohydrate. The egg white used in Peptide Fusion is of the highest quality, made from certified European eggs that are guaranteed free from salmonella.  It has a medium rate of digestion.

Bioactive ultra filtered whey protein concentrate
Our preferentially selected whey protein is derived from ultra filtered sweet dairy whey and fresh skimmed milk. It is very carefully processed at temperatures that preserve whey peptides and is spray dried with a lecithin coating to ensure easy mixing. Reflex Nutrition secure only batches that meet our strict criteria which account for higher levels of protein and lower levels of fat and lactose. Our whey protein is tested to ensure that all whey fractions are present in their undenatured form.  It is a fast digesting protein.

Compare it!
Please compare Peptide Fusion to the competition. Many of best bodybuilders and athletes who really know their stuff end up with Peptide Fusion after timely comparisons and conversation because of its unique formula. There's more; recent protein testing shows that Peptide Fusion is actually exceeding it label claim of 78%, its actually more like 80%.