Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue Training Cycle

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Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue Training Cycle

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This is a super indoor cycle. It’s a popular model with outdoor cyclists who like the feel of the chain and want the authentic feel of riding outdoors.


Product Description

The Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue Training Cycle is the same as the Schwinn AC Performance Plus with the exception that the Carbon Blue model has a toothed belt for drive instead of a chain. It’s the same type of belt that is used on a number of the top end road bikes, and a few motorbikes too!
The Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue Training Cycle is so much quieter than the standard AC Performance Plus
With the Carbon Blue belt drive there’s far less maintenance required that on the standard Performance Plus bike. No need to oil the chain and it’s not so important to ensure that the alignment of the belt is always 100% true.

These 2 factors make the Carbon Blue a far better bike for home use than the Performane Plus.

What are the first impressions?
Firstly, the Schwinn AC Performance Plus just looks fantastic. The design and attention to detail is great and it makes for a really nice looking indoor cycle. Here are some of the best bits about this indoor bike:
– It’s built like a tank and will withstand any amount of use
– It’s easy to find a good riding position.
– The seat and handlebars adjust up/down and forewards/backwards which makes it easy to find a good riding position
– The bike is easy to move because of the transport wheels on the front stabiliser bar, so you can move it out of the way when you’ve finished using it
– Magnetic braking is very smooth and easy to control
– Heavy and well balanced flywheel gives a smooth ride
– The Schwinn Smart Release TM system is excellent – when cycling you can stop the bike by applying some backward pressure to the pedals. It’s a good safety feature
– Chain drive is really quite quiet which you find with Schwinn bikes – the alignment of the crank and flywheel is just about perfect so the chain is much quieter than on lower quality bikes
– Console (optional extra) gives good feeback and is well positioned in the centre of the handlebars

What’s it like to ride?
If feels just like riding an outdoor bike indoors. The feel of the belt drive and the riding position make for an excellent ride:
– The magnetic resistance works extremely well which enables you to make the workout as easy or hard as you like, and of course you can vary this resistance during your workout by turning the adjuster knob as you cycle.
– Because of the high quality belt assembly and the pedal alignment of the crank, you get good feedback from the bike and it does feel like an outdoor cycle.
– At high speeds and/or resistance, when you’re putting more strain on the bike, it still feels very stable and solid. There’s no frame distortion which demonstrates the qualiity and strength of the frame.

Anything else to add?
The aluminium component means that there is no worry about rusting

Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue Training Cycle Specification:

Usage: Full Commercial Use and Home Use
Resistance Type: Magnetic braking and resistance via controller knob and e-stop
Drive Type: Tooth belt drive using forged steel crank and ISIS oversized bottom bracket
FlyWheel Weight: 18kg
Hub Type: Fixed Wheel
Dimensions (H x W x L): 130 x 53 x 127 cm
Max. User Weight: 159kg
Lowest Seat Height: 83cm
Maximum Seat Height: 116cm
Product Weight: 51kg
Pedals: Double link pedals with SPD and toe-clip combination. Schwinn Triple Link™ pedal compatible
Frame: Aluminium
Handlebar: Adjusts vertically for maximum comfort
Seat: Gel coated seat adjusts horizontally and vertically for best fit and maximum comfort
Wheels for transportation: Easy to move in the house
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Additional Information

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