Life Fitness - G2 Multigym

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Life Fitness - G2 Multigym

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The Life Fitness G2 Gym System is an ergonomically enhanced home fitness solution, which also offers unbeatable space efficiency. The exercises that one can perform include rear deltoid, seated row and arm pec fly exercises, as well as close-grip and converging chest presses, and fixed arc exercises.

The components integrated into the Life Fitness G2 Gym System include a 73 kg weight stack, a lat bar, a revolving low row bar, and an ankle strap. More variety can easily be achieved with the optional leg press system, weight stack shroud and 23 kg add-on kit. The machine is super-quiet too. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, pulleys, welds and parts of the Life Fitness G2 Gym System.



The G2 Gym System by Life Fitness works like a miracle for anyone looking for an effective home gym system. Its features are packed with just the kind of advantages that someone who works out at home will appreciate. To begin with, the Life Fitness G2 incorporates enhanced ergonomics for maximum user-comfort, and importantly, the entire gym system is compact and space-efficient without compromising anything in terms of quality.
On breaking down the Life Fitness G2 into its component features, what one finds is an impressive array of contraptions designed to complement each other during a full-circuit workout. The Variable Arc Press Station provided in the G2 multigym allows one the option of doing the traditional fixed arc exercise, as well as close-grip and converging chest presses. Extending from these, the user can perform seated row, rear deltoid and arm pec fly exercises. The accessories that come with the system include a 73 kg weight stack, a revolving low row bar, lat bar and an ankle strap. As mentioned above, the entire system can fit into one small space. Besides, if the user wants to add workout variety, there is no need to invest in other expensive and space consuming machines. Rather, additions can simply be made to the Life Fitness G2. The accessories that can be added on include a calf raise/leg press system, a weight stack shroud and a 23 kg add on kit. The exact spatial requirements of the machine are 71”x48”x83”, which is an amazingly compact fit, considering all the variety and value on offer with this gym system.
As far as quality is concerned, the Life Fitness G2 simply cannot be faulted. With its enhanced ergonomics, the equipment is perfectly integrated to make sure that every exercise component offers the user a very natural and smooth motion. The transition between exercises is very fast ad easy to make too. Besides, the machine is super-quiet, which is really a factor worth appreciating in a home environment. The warranty periods on the machine and its parts is another major plus point. The frame, the pulleys, the welds and the parts all have lifetime warranties, and the cables and upholstered pads each come with 3 years warranties. All in all, with this excellent product Life Fitness has once again established its reputation as one of the best brands out there when it comes to home fitness solutions.

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