Carbon Claw Inner Elasticated Wash mitt – Club Pack (6 Pairs)

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Carbon Claw Inner Elasticated Wash mitt – Club Pack (6 Pairs)

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Carrying a pair of lightweight Aero wash mitts in your kit bag can be useful in serving a few purposes.



Product Description

With your best effort your gloves and bag mitts will create odours after a period of time due to the sweat and bacteria build up, just like trainers do. To pro-long the freshness we recommend you use wraps or inner gloves as these will help absorb sweat and therefore reduce odours. Being machine washable will ensure you get that fresh comfort feel time after time when wearing your gloves or mitts.

Inner gloves can also be a quick change alternative to hand wraps if you are training within a club or fitness studio environment. Most clubs and studios hold a selection of used gloves for you to use but they may have been used repeatedly by many other members so it is reassuring to wear your own inner mitts before putting the gloves on.

Club/studio gloves can also be well worn and may not offer the best protection, so putting a pair of inner gloves on will only help in supporting the hand and limiting the risk of any injuries.

Also if you are using boxing gloves or mitts that may not be a perfect fit, then the inner glove will give you that added reassurance of a more comfortable fit.

The inner gloves are 100% thick elasticated cotton and machine washable. The fingers are paired off with a stitched seam; this ensures that the mitt does not ride up the hand when putting the outer bag mitt or glove over the top.

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M/L – Black

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